This Custom Halo Truck with Built-in Xbox Console is Incredible, and Now You Can Buy it

Those that played the first Forza Horizon may remember the custom Halo 4 Edition Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, which was included in the game. Not everyone knows that the truck actually exists, and was offered as the grand prize of the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge Tournament in January 2013.

What’s interesting is that the owner has now decided to sell it.

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Relientk772483d ago

Pretty boss ride, can even play Halo in the back.

otherZinc2483d ago

I'm getting it!

Well, I guess not. But, I'd like to have one. In black, with the interior as is.

donthate2482d ago

This will be great to pick up ladies in! :D

Codewow2483d ago

$78k? Yeah, no thanks. After I found out how much cheaper it is to make these vehicles than what they sell them for, I don't think I'd ever spend more than what it was actually worth.

Abriael2483d ago

Eh, it's a one of a kind thing. It's pretty obvious that there'll be a markup.

Starbucks_Fan2483d ago

If I had a really nice job I'd probably get it, since I'm a big Halo fan.

Codewow2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Edit: I guess the site lied to me when it said I was replying to Abriael above me.....

33k markup is insane. Especially since the cost of the truck for the dealer is only around $27k and the cost to produce the truck is only around $18k-$23k.

Abriael2483d ago

Eh, you know what they say about things on sale. You can just not buy em :D

TheRedButterfly2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

What are you talking about!? If we had the option NOT to buy it, then that would make all our bitching about something we don't actually want pointless! (oh wait...)

OT: Awesome truck, but I'm more of a Japanese car guy. Never been a fan of the "MURICA!" trucks that are oh-so popular in the region of the US that I live (Southeast).

Edit: Spelling

2483d ago
DuneBuggy2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Invoice on a raptor is in the low 40s. Its not a regular F150. Ford dealers wish they had only 27k in them!

Death2483d ago

Retail on a 2012 Raptor is 43-50k. Dealers pay much more than 27k for a Raptor. To find out what the dealer pays you need to find the invoice amount and subtract destination charges, fuel surcharges and advertising. Then depending on the manufacturer you need to find the percentage of holdback and multiply it by the invoice minus extra charges. The average a dealer makes on a new car sale will vary from 8-15% off the MSRP. Most of the time the dealer sells new cars close to cost, but then make up for it on the trade in and warranties.

Keep in mind the money they make also pays for all of their overhead expenses like the building, heating and cooling, property tax, payroll, training, etc.

DuneBuggy2483d ago

Spoken like someone else in the car biz :) . Excellent post.

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qwerty6762483d ago

will this truck help me get laid?

Abriael2483d ago

it will probably prevent you getting laid, ever.

2483d ago
Codewow2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Logicalreason, I am pretty sure that is the most illogicalreasoning I have ever heard.

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The story is too old to be commented.