Miyamoto says the passive attitude of casual gamers is pathetic

Earlier this week we told you that Edge Magazine would have a big feature on Miyamoto in next month’s issue, discussing several of the franchises he helped create, as well as his opinions on the current game industry. It’s not surprising to see a few of these quotes leak from the magazine and one that is particularly fascinating is one in which Miyamoto says that he finds the passive attitude of casual gamers as “pathetic.”

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Nathan1702484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Most casual gamers play easy games or popular mobile games.They don't want a good old fashioned challenge.

Roccetarius2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Well, i would say it not only applies to a good old challenge, but also their attitude towards the industry as well. They hardly care about the direction it's heading.

miyamoto2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

So Nintendo made billions of PATHETIC dollars out of PATHETIC people?

I find this statement from Miyamoto-san very hypocritical, contradicting, offensive and down right pathetic because wasn't it Nintendo themselves, specially Mr. Iwata, who went after the casual gamers and made tons of money on them?
At the expense of their hardcore fanbase?
And now that their gimmick does not work for these types of gamers with the Wii U Nintendo calls these gamers pathetic???

I am surprised such a statement would come from Miyamoto-san.

What would you expect of casual gamers? to play like the hobby hardcore?

So what if they decide to leave video games for other forms of entertainment?

And how many time have Nintendo proclaimed that the Wii U is for the hardcore gamer yet Mr. Iwata says "we are not targeting children enough" ????

No wonder this confusing messages lead to what has happened to the Wii U.

This anti-consumer statements and attitude towards consumers is pathetic.

And Its just sour graping how the casual gamer on the Wii and DSi that somewhat turned hardcore gamer all jumped ship and chose the PS4.

donthate2483d ago

For all we know, the statement might have been translated incorrectly. Miyamoto strikes me as a guy that is very down to earth, so I don't think he would say something like that even if he thought that....

pixelsword2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )


The last thing I would count on is an American translation of a Japanese sentence; don't take it at face value... I'm almost willing to say that the next front-page article will be on how it wasn't what was said, and probably from the same website.

pixelsword2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

A Double post, because what I said was sooooo true that the internet itself wouldn't deny my post (rolls eyes).

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DOMination-2484d ago

He and his company are primarily responsible for how big casual gaming became.

Concertoine2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

The casual audience has always been there, ever since the PS2 particularly. Not saying the PS2's audience was totally casual, that's clearly false, but it invited a lot of casuals.

5th gen totals: approx 145 million
6th gen totals: approx 210 million
7th gen totals: approx 260 million

And this was with the 7th gen consoles selling longer (the PS2 was the only console with that kind of longevity 6th gen). The casual audience he's referring to are the ones who can't stand difficulty, non linear gameplay, or other attributes of a more hardcore experience. A lot of developers seem to cater to these people with their prodding tutorials and unchallenging gameplay (Nintendo included). He specifically says he's glad the Nintendo's casual audience is largely gone to phones because now Nintendo doesn't feel the pressure to appeal to them to keep them invested. Read the article.

Magicite2484d ago

Miyamoto's attitude is pathetic.

ShowGun9012483d ago

people need to read the content of the entire quote... try to take in the meaning without focusing on any single word. because the meaning is spot on. the japanese words he used probably didn't translate into only "pathetic", perhaps also "sad", "weak", "depressing", "uninspired", "heartbreaking", "miserable", "pitiful", "sorry", "woeful", "commiserable", "distressing", "heartrending", or "inadequate"...

other languages words very rarely translate in a smooth 1:1 fashion... usually you have to look at the meaning of the quote.

and i'd agree with him.

miyamoto2484d ago

So you and all who agreed with you agree with an ungrateful, back stabbing statement like that?

I am not a bit surprised with you Nintendo extremists.

After they made billions of yens & dollars on these casual gamers now he calls them pathetic...

why? for not putting up with the Wii U?
because their plans to cash cow the casuals backfired on them?

Have you people lost your humanity just for brand loyalty?

randomass1712484d ago

Personally I'm just glad Miyamoto is interested in catering to the needs of gamers again. Using the word pathetic is probably a little aggressive but his reason for saying it isn't untrue if you read the article. Rather than complaining I just appreciate that they realize which audience will actually stick with them.

ShowGun9012483d ago

the word "pathetic" is probably... i wouldn't call it a translation error, but most words don't translate from japanese smoothly 1:1... there were probably different ways the translator could phrase what he said in english, and went with the most sensational.

look at the meaning. garner the essence of what he said. some gamers are content without challenging themselves. don't you ever see a little kid playing fruit ninja, and think to yourself "you think THATS a game, you should try Final Fantasy XXIV!!!"

we all have, and i think thats what Miyamoto-san means... IMO

Pianist2484d ago


His statement puzzles me too. They led last generation because of those "pathetic" casuals. They are called casuals because they are, you know, not hardcore.

So it's surprising that he's just finding out about this.

Despite alienating many of their fans, there are still some very ardent fans of Nintendo's first party games. But I doubt that will be enough to get them back into the game.

Among the three companies, Sony bet on the hardcore gamers and it turned out they got it right.

Am_Ryder2483d ago

What's wrong with 'casual'?

It doesn't get in the way of hardcore gaming at all. Both strands are seeing massive increases across the board. They are mutually exclusive, basically.

Perhaps Nintendo are the exception, because they made a move towards casual which has caused problems- but this is the only hardcore/casual overlap I can think of.

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Gh05t2483d ago

They are casual gamers... to try something harder, and less about short time entertainment, than they wouldn't be casuals.

So they may have a pathetic attitude but its not like Nintendo didnt use that to push the crap out of the Wii.

TekoIie2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

The full quote is something the entire industry needs to read and take note of.

Developers are too focused with appealing to the short minded consumer sometimes.

Death2484d ago

The same can be said about those that play games on "easy" mode. Sometimes it is the challenge that makes a game fun along with the sense of accomplishment when you take on a harder challenge. My daughter was cruising through school with pretty much straight A's in her classes. As proud of her as I was for the high grades, I told her I would be more proud if they were B's or even C's in more challenging classes. She thought about it over the summer and has taken some pretty scary courses this year. I'm looking forward to see how she does.

LazyGoron2484d ago

I hope you didn't tell your daughter that for college... you realize that majority of company's barely look at GPA much less the curriculum required.

What's more important is the degree people get and how they can problem solve, plan, and be detailed oriented. Once you get your first job (career job) GPA and curriculum have no value at all because experience trumps all.

Food for thought. An employer would see a 4.0 average with a degree and be more intrigued than a 3.0 where someone "took harder classes".

Death2484d ago

I would rather see her a more well rounded person and actually get more out of her education than a grade point average. The knowledge she gains will be more of an asset through life than her GPA.

I completely agree with you on problem solving, planning and being detail oriented. These are the things she lacks the most and are frustrating at times. As she gets older she is figuring it out though so I can't complain too much.

Tetsujin2484d ago

Reminds me of a quote I read a while back,
"There's a difference between straight A's and knowledge."

My respect for Miamoto went up because even he sees casuals as a problem when it comes to certain games. I like how he also states a lot of the "casuals" look at things from the "give me" perspective instead of "working for it." I do miss a good challenge that was also fun from the older days; now it's mostly either stupid easy or stupid hard, rarely any in between with little to no fun.

Muzikguy2484d ago

That's because they're chasing the easy $. They think it's cheaper and easier to make games that will be accepted by casuals. Everyone tries to be the next "big thing" among them. It's sad

SteamPowered2484d ago

So sad that the casual crowd drives the industry simply due to the high attachment rate. I miss the old days....

Codewow2484d ago

It's unfortunate that publishers have such a high standard for profits a game should make.

MSBAUSTX2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Couple the high profit margin a game should make coupled with crappy story telling and rehashed physics along with repetitive game play and you have almost all major 3rd party developers today. At least Nintendo does a dam good job of trying to create entirely new elements of game play in each new version of their games. Thats why a Mario game is the same character but each console addition has completely new styles for game play.

Miyamoto is right. Fortunately Nintendo seems to be changing things up with the concepts in the New Mario 3D World, Yoshis Wooly World, Kirby, and Captain Toad. Same characters, but absolute genius changes to the playing dynamics. Takes a character we already love and makes them feel brand new. It is why Mario Kart 8 feels like a completely new IP because of the way the tracks and karts are done. Drifting and driving upside down made an old game series seem completely new. But thats why Nintendo is still around.

CanniBuddZ2484d ago

hit some smoke and forget about it

SteamPowered2484d ago

Im currently hitting some Grape God and Master Kush lefties. It'll be forgotten soon enough ;)

-Foxtrot2484d ago

Ahhh the old days...where it was "us" and nothing but "us".

Where a game was made with just hardcore gamers in be honest a time where hardcore didn't exist, we were just gamers.

Now we have any old shit thrown in a game to try to "appeal to a wider audience"

MWH2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

well said.

I wonder what kind of gamers will be ten or twenty years from now when we, the first generation of gamers, are gone,, and what the current gen gamers will say then.

LoveOfTheGame2484d ago

I don't think we will be gone from gaming in our mid 40s and older. It will take much longer than that to kill gamers who remember those days.

Tetsujin2484d ago

What I miss the absolute most in gaming back then - unlockables. Not "spend $ to get this." No, you actually had to play/learn the game to actually get something accomplished. I understand there's options to help those who are limited on time/friends to help, however to just have people "buy" their way through a game is a slap in the face for those of us who spend hours playing.

Qrphe2484d ago

And hardcore gamers are still driving the industry and they always will (reason why PS4 and X1 are doing so well after all). Mainstream gamers have always been around also. PS1 and PS2 had a hundreds of shovelware titles and even PC has always been cluttered with tons of bejeweled clones and your typical clicking adventure games you can buy at Walmart for a few bucks. The Atari days were no exception (trying to appeal to wider audiences is what crashed that era btw).

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Concertoine2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

I really think the big-budget title needs to die on the wide scale it currently is, the whole development process has become so bloated and expensive. Every time there is one, over the 3-4 years of development they start to sidetrack and include tacked-on multiplayer, contrived gameplay to imitate something popular, etc. because they feel the need to appeal to the lowest common denominator to make a profit. Imagine if every other game had to be Shenmue-budgeted back in the day, the industry would've collapsed by now.

Gh05t2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

100% agree

I have been saying for a long time split your teems up into smaller teams make more games but allow them to spend longer to make a fun game. Spread the releases (So you have more games coming out anyways all year long) and when you have a hit you make plenty for all the other teams who maybe tried something new that didn't take but hopefully learned something that can be shared across the company.

Less investment per project means less risk if it bombs and unless they all bomb (Meaning you need better developers) you are going to make it. That also means you can let your developers take more innovative risks.

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crusf2484d ago

People read the article before haphazardly commenting. the title is sensationalist at best. The man speaks some truth.

Pianist2484d ago

It is true, but ironic since Nintendo created this whole casual market.