Is Sony Set to Dominate Our Virtual Worlds?

CCC Says: "Calm down Xbox fanboys, this isn’t going to be another article where I line you up square in my sights and pull the next-gen trigger. Today, we’ll be talking about the future of gaming as it relates to Sony’s direction. And that is the word I’d use, future. Of any gaming company on the market today, the one whose future seems more secure than anyone else’s is Sony. Who would have thunk it? All you hear is how they’re struggling and, if not for its games division, they’d have gone belly up long ago. Yet playing would’ve/could’ve with these theories all day long won’t change the fact that, as of 2014, Sony is an absolute forced to be reckoned with (with no signs of slowing on the horizon)."

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JoGam2483d ago

VR is going to be great. Hope its not too expensive.

JackOfAllBlades2483d ago

Unfortunately it likely will be..

darthv722483d ago

Like anything new, it will be expensive at first. but if Sony opens the doors to compatibility then we could get other brands that offer a similar experience at a lesser price.

I just would like to see it get the support that it deserves. Too many times has there been an interesting idea revealed to the public only to be considered an after thought. this includes such devices as the Move, kinect, wiifit board, 3D gaming and probably the most notable of all released and quickly abandoned ideas...ROB just to name a few.

If these companies feel so strongly about their success to release them, then they need to reenforce the idea by supporting them and encouraging others to support them as well. namely the consumers.

gameon19852483d ago

From what I seen of their head set... Hell no. Oculous rift all day.

KakashiHotake2483d ago

Personally I don't think it looks all that bad, but you should know that it's only a prototype still just like the Rift is.

ltachiUchiha2483d ago

Yeah your avatar says it all lol.

gamerfan09092483d ago

Who knows right now which one is better. Both from my understanding are in the prototype phase. Apparently Sony somehow figured out how to display lower res and not cause motion sickness, which has been something Oculus hasn't been able to do. At the end of the day it's gonna come down to which one gets better software support.

MRMagoo1232483d ago

I dont think it will come down to anything, they will both have a spot in the market and will probably both do well , if they work as advertised.

user56695102483d ago

Both still suffer from causing people motion sickness that's why ORift stated how much high frame rate was important. And I seriously doubt they were even focused on low res. Most of what Sony have been saying about ORift have stated a long time ago. Seem like a me too game they're playing. And we all know how big corporations do.

HaveSumNuts2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

From what you've seen? Watching someone using the Oculous Rift, it looks like someone strapped a lunchbox on their face.

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gamerfan09092483d ago

What website that tries to be taken seriously starts off a sentence with "Calm down Xbox fanboys, this isn’t going to be another article where I line you up square in my sights and pull the next-gen trigger." It's a decently written article, why destroy your journalistic integrity by writing like that?

KakashiHotake2483d ago

I don't agree with it either, but if nothing else it'll grab someones attention. Obviously it worked for you.

gamerfan09092483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Well I'm not shitting on the guy for trying to get clicks. My gf worked as a free lance journalist so I understand these guys get paid by the clicks. That's not my issue. My thing is the article itself is a decently written article, in my opinion. He didn't need that convoluted sentence in the beginning. He's cheapening his self worth as a journalist. If he writes like this and tries to get hired by a major publication they'd dismiss him instantly.

CloudRap2483d ago

Gaming journalism is a joke its just fanboys telling you what to buy and why, and wiiU/xb1/vita is doomed, etc. They never have proper reasoning for their opinions.

CloudRap2483d ago

I own both consoles but I really hope MS releases a VR set because I already have the kinect and im not trying to spend a $100 on a camera for morpheus.

BitbyDeath2483d ago

Kinect does not allow for 1:1 movement, you will need something else on Xbox for it to work.

G20WLY2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

MS Move? "The CONTROLLER is the controller!" ;P

Could happen!

It's only a matter of time before both VRs start thinking about official 'glove' controllers, though that would blow the mainstream price point.

I love what VR is doing at the moment. Looking forward to using it in Project Cars! Pending price and confirmed support, I'm definitely in. :)

Azmatik2483d ago

Assuming your talking about the PS4 camera, im happy to break it to ya, its only about $50 bucks....

Sm00thNinja2483d ago

Not really ready to jump on board off hype alone. As an accessory my guess is no but hey the kinect was huge at one time

KakashiHotake2483d ago

I honestly think VR is going to be a lot more just another accessory. Sony already said their treating the launch of Morpheus like the launch of a new platform and I think that's the right approach to have. As of right now Sony has yet to announce if you even need a PS4 to use it, people only assume they do.

Sm00thNinja2483d ago

All that is true but frankly I need to see it first that's fair right? I'm sure ill get it Day One regardless

HanzoHattori2482d ago

The Kinect was never "huge."

Sm00thNinja2482d ago

8 million sales for an accessory on the Xbox 360in the first 2 months and now sitting at around 24 million sold get your facts straight. The kinect was the fastest selling consumer electronic device at one point had the Guinness world record! Kinect hasn't lived up to its potential but if you think at one point it didn't have a bright future. Why am I wasting my breath you obviously stated an opinion filled with bias and no facts or data to support your argument.

HanzoHattori2482d ago

I stand corrected. The Kinect for Xbox One was never huge. Would you agree that as of right now, the kinect is going the way of the PlayStation move?

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