Call of Duty: Advance Warfare PS4 headset gets price, release date photos and more info

Turtle Beach Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Ear Force Sentinel Task Force for PS4 has gotten a price, release date, photos, compatibility and more info.

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Loadedklip2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I remember getting my first Turtle Beach headset for MW2 and was AMAZED at how the sound immersed you into the battlefield and was truly a part of the gameplay. No longer was it just 3D graphics but rather 3D SOUND giving you a new level of awareness that was truly "next gen" for me at the time.

But then quickly people with little to no money started complaining about how unfair it is to hear footsteps and sounds so the last few Call of Duty games I played had nerfed sounded effects to the point that using a headset was no longer immersive or enhanced the experienced.

If anyone is not in a clan ... and doesn't really play in the really late hours in the day, I would wait to see how the sound of the game works prior to buying one of these. Might not be worth the money at all.

Heisenburger2493d ago

As someone who is new to headsets(bought mine when Second Son came out) I've had so many cool moments thanks to my headset. Whether it's hearing someone coming behind me, hearing the guy my friend and I are hunting on the second floor in Bf4 parachute behind us, it's fantastic. I can't play games without it now. I would recommend everyone get a headset, regardless of what kind of games you play.

chrismichaels042493d ago

Same here. I picked up the PlayStation Gold Wireless headset the day it was available and they have been great ever since. I will admit these COD edition Turtle Beach's look cool, but im more than satisfied with my Golds.

Speak_da_Truth2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I thought MS where the ones doing all the marketing and stuff for this game but either way my Pulse Elites gets the job done for my Ps4.

TheJacksonRGN2493d ago

The title is a bit misleading, the headset will be for Xbox One as well.

KwietStorm_BLM2493d ago

I thought the Xbox one was announced prior. And it's listed at $20 more, so, not technically the same listing. It doesn't say exclusive PS4 edition anyway.

godofboobees2493d ago

If you own a ps4 just get the gold or elite and you're set.