The Joy of the 6/10 Game

The middle has fallen out of the video game industry and the mid-budget, mid-tier video game no longer exists. While that is true for the most part, there are still a few sneaking on to the scene, and we here at Brash Games couldn’t be happier. Despite some of our own reviews pointing to the contrary, sometimes, playing a game that is a bit, well, rubbish, can actually be loads of fun.

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NewMonday2483d ago

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a great adventure game, it isn't action based and reviewers don't want that.

Rimgal2483d ago

That's the game that everytime I enter a game store I think if I should buy it or not. Does it have a great story?

joab7772483d ago

Exactly. It's kinda unfortunate that many games get reviewed as triple A titles, when actually the spirit behind them is more indie-like...but not the price, hence why they get the scores they do. I wonder if Murdered was released for $30 as an indie game if many wouldn't have given it an 8.

So, yeah, we hold triple A games to a much higher standard, and tbus, if a game releases for $60, it had better have a certain quality level, technically speaking. Then once that bar is reached at a 7-8, fun, originality, and story may push it beyond even higher.

As the author stated though, this doesn't always mean that a game isn't more memorable or fun. It just means that someone wanted to charge $60 for it. That is ending though, as even many big name Devs are deciding to use small teams and focus on quality. Who knows, maybe the number of triple A ' will continue to fall as overall quality increases, and the average price decreases.

Liam23822483d ago

It won't be winning any Oscars, but it's a decent enough yarn.