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(CriticalIndieGamer) Pool is a classic game, played in millions of basements and smokey (or formerly smokey) pool halls around the world. The game is simple to pick up and complicated to master.Tables and accessories can be prohibitively expensive to own in the real world, making the transition from real world “sport” to videogame quite natural. Games like Duke Nukem 3D and Grand Theft Auto have given people the option of playing pool within the game just to mess around, while other games such as Virtual Pool and now Pure Pool have attempted to allow the player to have a full virtual billiard experience.

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HanzoHattori2483d ago

The game is better than that. Come on. 6.5 only because it doesn't properly display the lines and angles for distance shots and bank shots.

g-nome2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Yip, at least a 8/10 for sure , it is great. I mean come on , you don't get lines drawn of where the ball is going to go in real pool.

toddybad2482d ago

The more I play it the more I like it and I'm able to play pretty well. I'm a decent player in real life and have a good grasp of how shots should play. My only concern is that the cushions slide far too much as if the whole thing is polished. It means it's difficult to judge doubles and snooker escape. The angle of view also doesn't help there.