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From the Review: "Fans of Call of Duty 2 and the series in general will no doubt enjoy Call of Duty 3 (if they don't have access to another platform). It recreates the fury of World War II with a strong bravado and offers a shooting engine that makes single-player and multiplayer sessions equally fun. Sure it comes up a little short compared to the pacing and overall level design of COD2, but the real crime here is found with all the glitches and other technical problems that make the Normandy Breakout feel more like the Normandy Lockup. It's really too bad, because considering how good it is despite all of its problems, imagine how great it could have been without them..."

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power of Green 4374d ago

Pretty good for a PS3 game.


yeah, for a retard-system, this is pretty good!

NextGen24Gamer4374d ago

Viva Pinata scored a higher score than every ps3 launch game except Resistance. But it was neck and neck with Resistance according to WOW. The power of the 360 is amazing. That is just too funny.

P.S. Another ps3 3rd party game that doesn't compare to the 360 version in any way. Graphics/Gameplay/online play....WOW...

eques judicii4374d ago

don't bad mouth viva pinata... i'm probably gonna buy that tomorrow, from what i've heard its a lot of fun.

Karibu4374d ago

Not only you vote cool for your submitted news but then you write unrelevant BS. What the scores does even matter??! No one buys games because of scores. May I ask, if you really think scores matter, then why did you buy X360? PS2 has much much more games that has scored higher and are actually fun to play.

Munky4374d ago

I got the game, it awesome.

Capt CHAOS4374d ago

They should have delayed the launch of COD3 for the ps3 until they got the formula spot on..

kingboy4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

Topgamer u need help man.How`s this possible everyday..?i just can`t understand he even agrees with his comments

Karibu4374d ago

How it's possible that he has 5 bubbles after all that BS. And look who submitted news and voted for cool...

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The story is too old to be commented.