Sony Will Show Off its Revolutionary PS4 Dynamic Lighting AR Tech on August 30th

Sony Computer Entertainment will be one of the main sponsors of the Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2014 show that will kick off on August 30th in Osaka, and the event will serve as the perfect venue for showing off the quite revolutionary “PS4 Dynamic Lighting” augmented reality tech that the company has recently introduced as part of its “SmartAR” suite.

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nX1934d ago

Revolutionary is a strong word these days... we'll see :)

Abriael1934d ago

It solves the single big problem that makes augmented reality look like crap, so I'd say it's pretty revolutionary :D

aerisbueller1934d ago

It doesn't solve it, and either the article or sony is being deceitful. In the video the flashlight is a move controller, and you can see the character is just reacting to the fake light, and it's badly projecting fake light into the room, which is why the shadows of the couch and his shoes aren't lit properly. I was really expecting a lot more from the 3D part of the ps4 camera. Every AR demo still clips through real world objects like there's no tomorrow, when a 3d camera should allow them to at least roughly avoid large objects.

iamnsuperman1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )


The Move controller does not look like that. That is definitely a touch (led I assume from what can be seen when it is off about half way through the video)

Abriael1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

@aerisbueller: sorry, but you're blind.

That's not a move controller. It's a flashlight, and they actually demonstrate it by filtering its light through a piece of paper.

Get some better glasses man, you need em, unless you're being intentionally disingenuous, of course.

TomahawkX1934d ago

that is indeed a flashlight, you can see it clearly in the dinosaur part of the video. The move has a large glowing ball at the end that you can't really miss.


Looking forward to see this in details. I hope it won't stay as just a tech demo and will dveleoped in real games.

aerisbueller1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

yes, you're all correct of course.
Because the move has never been replaced with another object in AR.
Like in this screenshot, because you can't see the Move orb, he's clearly actually holding a real tennis racket: http://static.strategyinfor...

The "light" in the video doesn't cast shadows in the real world beyond a tiny radius (like the move orb would), I can't believe you fanboys are even arguing about this. You think you can move a flashlight around that much in a dark room and not shift the couch and shoe shadows?

TI_211934d ago

It's a common LED flashlight.
The tech just doesn't work properly, at least in that light situation. Here it picks up the general center of the surface the flashlight is shining on and then casts the shadow as if the light source would be coming from there instead of the flashlight.

Abriael1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

@aerisbueller: keep arguing. You're just making yourself look ridiculous.

The tech has already been demonstrated in real life and will be demonstrated in real life again on the 30th. That's not a Move, but do keep grasping at straws.

thorstein1934d ago


And it is so obvious that they just cloned a dinosaur and put it on the carpet of that giant's house.

I mean really, this isn't tech at all. It is just a giant sitting on his couch playing with his cloned dino.

Sheesh. These sheep will believe anything, won't they!

Or, it could actually just be an excellent demo that solves the augmented reality problem.

aerisbueller1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

K, I'll try one more time since you guys are such a good crowd. Examine the pic, and tell me what reality you're on where light behaves like this, or offer some explanation beyond just calling me wrong with no refutation of anything I say:

The dark parts of the room are done by ps4 AR (very cool), and the light spots are also real time ps4 AR (kinda neat), but that is not a real light source, aside from the tiny move ball. And the ground lighting is so amazingly fake again I can't believe this is even an argument

Spotie1934d ago

Lol, get back in the lifestream, aeris.

Abriael1934d ago

I can't help finding absolutely hilarious how he tries to disprove something that has already been demonstrated publicly in real life at Nico Nico Chokaigi.

Try harder Aerisbueller.

XtraTrstrL1934d ago

Fanboys think in terms of attack and defend. You can't get through to them. I completely get your point, it's quite obvious. If that's an actual flashlight, it's super weak. They're going off a point that the idea has been proven and works, you're making a specific point about what we're looking at in this particular video. I don't see how your point can be argued against from the pics you showed, it's right there before our eyes. This is n4g though, land of the fanatical fanboys, so you can't get honesty. Only attack and defend mentality. The piranhas smell blood, next you'll be called an Xbot, it's so sad.

UltraNova1934d ago


Are there any videos available from the live demo at Nico Nico Chokaigi?

This aeris guy is really annoying.

Azmatik1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

@aeris. Dude do you know how old that video is and ur trying to point out darkness where theres suposed to be light? Man they have a flashlight out they turn the lights off lol and have you seriously never been in a low lit room with a strong single light source like a flashlight and go on webcam or somethig... Strange "lighting" effects can happen on screen that make contrast and brightness darker or lighter lol. this is for real sony have figured out how to make virtual things react to real life lighting and put the image on screen hows that so hard to accept -_- o well ull see on the 30th. And the room didnt get "brighter" by fake AR lighting, in your pictures you can clearly tell theres a door cracked open with bright light coming in by the couch.

babyhand1934d ago

For those that need to see it is a flashlight and not the move controller. Look at angle of the flashlight when it's being moved around. You could not hide the light orb at those angles. Look up the video on YouTube. It really is a flashlight.

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JoGam1934d ago

Lets just wait till Sat.

frostypants1934d ago

Is there an article here? All I get is a godawful "Walking Dead" ad that takes up my entire screen, locks up my browser, and runs my CPU utilization to 100% while all my system fans go ballistic.

thorstein1934d ago

ABP for Google and Firefox. Please don't tell me you are using Safari or IE. Although I think ABP is on IE>

user74029311934d ago

need more praxis for this dynamic lighting augmentation

stuna11934d ago

The PS3 uses AR tech, the Vita comes with AR cards, AR is part of Playroom on the PS4 it a technology that is actually evolving right along with each handheld/console released by Sony.

chrissx1934d ago

The Ps4 keeps evolving. Great times ahead :3

LazyGoron1934d ago

Someone with more dev knowledge enlighten me... what is "revolutionary" about what Sony is saying? I really do mean, what is the way "now" and because of this, what will it be in the future?

Does the talk about "augmented reality" and objects in the article mean that objects, today, are sometimes "placed" in the world as opposed to generated by/with the world? This would be similar to what some people say about TLOU having objects that pop in and out frame depending on angles, viewpoints, and distance from said object... correct?

Not the most tech savvy gamer around.

ThatOneGuyThere1934d ago

It means that objects being drawn by the game(rendered) will react to real-world lighting conditions that exist outside of the game. So, you have a dinosaur thats being rendered on your living room floor. If someone turns on the light in the living room, the dinosaur's lighting and shadows will react accordingly. This makes the augmented objects look far more believable and raises the immersion for AR games. Its basically the difference between "Marry Poppins" and "Transformers". In the first example, the cartoon characters are obviously out of place. In the second example, great care was taken to make the CG characters feel like theyre part of the world the real people are in.

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