Destiny: What to Expect After Launch

IGN - We sat down with Bungie's Jonty Barnes to discuss Destiny's future, and also to get some details about the universe, multiplayer and worlds we'll explore on launch day.

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Sevir2483d ago

Can't wait! Can't wait, Can't WAIT!!!

JeffGUNZ2483d ago

Dude, we re getting so close!

PsylentKiller2483d ago

I know. I have my PS4 digital guardian version preordered. I'm debating on wether or not to also buy it for the XBO. I've been holding off on buying Diablo because I don't know what to do yet.

UnHoly_One2483d ago

I'm buying it on both PS4 and XB1.

I figure if PSN or XBL goes down I can still play on the other console. lol

Sevir2481d ago

I think there servers will work. The beta was fully available to everyone when they had the most players online!

I cant wait for this game to launch already. I've got my digital Gaurdian edition waiting to download. :)

Blacklash932483d ago

Ugh, does Destiny really have to come out this time of year? People have classes they need to invest in!

Codewow2483d ago

Lucky for you, Destiny is a one time purchase.. excluding expansion packs. No subscription fee. Only your will power to stop you from playing.

WikusVanDeMerwe2482d ago

Life is unfair and overbearingly hard at times but we must push on.

Codewow2483d ago

I can't wait. Finally new articles other than ones about Destiny to read! The hype over the game is too large for what the game is. It's Halo + Diablo 3.

crusf2483d ago

One last dude I have to kill on the Crucible next month:P

mrmonk2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Cant wait have to get myself a couple of days booked off work have been playing bf4 from day1 and a bit of metal gear gz so in need of a new shooter the 9th cant come soon enough lol.(DRAGGING IN)

cr33ping_death2482d ago

I scheduled two weeks off starting the 8th. So come midnight im pick in up my copy and my gfs Destiny white ps4 bundle.

mrmonk2482d ago

Ooo you lucky duck would Av loved the white ps4 but already Av the black one lol don't mind tho that white one looks awesome.

DC7772483d ago

Well I hope my bundle arrives in time to be ready.

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