To Buy or Not To Buy: The Rest of the Nintendo's 2014 Releases

From GamesReviews:

"Nintendo has huge plans for the next four months, both on 3DS and Wii U. Some big games are coming to both systems, so I figured I would let you in on what is coming, what you should pre-order, and perhaps what you might want to hold off buying."

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Neonridr2483d ago

Bayonetta 2 and Smash Brothers are for sure buys for me. Captain Toad and Hyrule Warriors are maybe's at this point.

matgrowcott2483d ago

What's holding you back from Hyrule Warriors?

-Foxtrot2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

The fact at it's core it looks like a reskinned Dynasty Warriors game. A skin is hardly going to change anything, it looks more appealing ('s Zelda) but the mechanics look the same. The Dynasty Warrior games haven't been doing well in recent years reception wise, not bad games just not as good as they used to be. From what I've seen if I envision Hyrule Warriors without the Zelda themes it's just another Dynasty Warriors game.

For me

Super Smash Bros Wi U - YES...obviously

Professor Layton versus Phoenix Wright - Damn right

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - Yes...hopefully this will lead to a bigger game starring Captain Toad.

Bayonetta 2 - Yes...if I haven't ran out of money

matgrowcott2483d ago

"The Dynasty Warrior games havent been doing well in recent years, not bad games just not as good as they used to be."

To be fair, 7 and 8 both reviewed far better than 6 did, and the new way they handle the story has opened up the franchise for a whole group of people.

Hyrule Warriors IS just another Dynasty Warriors game though. That's what's so awesome about it, man!

Neonridr2483d ago

to be honest, the Dynasty Warriors style of game has never really attracted me. That's not to say it's not a great game, but I would love the ability to play a demo of it first so I can see if I would enjoy that sort of thing.

deafdani2483d ago


- Smash Bros: day one purchases for me, both versions.
- Hyrule Warriors: maybe, but not day one. Most probably will pick it up once it goes down in price a few months down the road.
- Pokémon Art Academy, Fantasy Life, Layton: not interested in any of these at all.
- Captain Toad: Hell, yes. Day one.
- Bayonetta 2: day one as well. I enjoyed the first game a lot, I only hope this sequel is a bit more meaty (more along the lines of Wonderful 101, which was an EPIC and really long experience).

GuruStarr782483d ago

smash bros and hyrule warriors for me.... bayonetta 2 will probably be a rental... can't wait for Devil's 3rd!!

wonderfulmonkeyman2483d ago

Nintendo is chock-full of heavy hitters every moNth for the remainder of the year.
How awesome would it be to get a huge box for Christmas that contains every single one of them?
I think I'd cry a few joyful tears.XD

TXIDarkAvenger2483d ago

Smash for me. The 3DS version is better than I expected when it was first announced.

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