P.T. is the First Real Horror Game in Years, and the Smartest Game on PS4

GamesRadar - A couple of days ago, I finally played P.T., the playable teaser for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s in-production Silent Hills. Weirdly, I’d had a nightmare about playing it a few days earlier. Blame the post-Gamescom sleep-drought, blame everyone I know telling me it was beyond scary. But whatever the reason, I’d had a really stern, really screwed-up dream about my subconscious’ imagined version of the game. It lingered for a while, as these things do, via that heavy cloud of mental strangeness that sticks around the morning after a heavy one. But eventually it went away.

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HanzoHattori2493d ago

Even though it technically isn't a game, P.T. is definitely one of the best experiences i've had on the PlayStation 4 this year.

Roman3mPiRe862493d ago

I got the wife to play it after it had scared the sh*t out of me and ddnt even tell her what it was about lol her reaction was epic! Check it out

BitbyDeath2493d ago

Outlast not a real horror game?

pwnsause_returns2493d ago

yea, i dont see how people keep saying this when outlast has been around for a while.

equal_youth2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

even so amnesia which was also an awesome game. their where a few great exceptions in the past years but P.T. definitely had a great atmosphere and stands out for what it is.

b163o12493d ago

Lol wish I could play that (Outlast),

S/N Excellent choice of words for the title, it's true and it was the first thing notice when I looked up.

TheFutureIsBlue2493d ago

You could outrun the enemy in Outlast. That is when the scaryness went away for me. In PT you were f'ed lol. You could not really do anything but stand there and take the scare.

ps5fanboy2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

So refreshing getting a game that .A.
Evokes such real emotion and effectiveness in it's scares and psychology twisting horror
and .B.
Respects the fact that players don't want easy puzzles that practically point the way or are akin to the Facebook problem solving posts that can be worked out in two seconds.

if this is a taste of what silent hill will provide in a big open area... Wowwwwwww......

bennissimo2493d ago

Yeah. This game gave me hope.

Muzikguy2493d ago

I'm still stuck in the game. Tried 4 times then resorted to video... Nothing doing. I like that!

Kurisu2493d ago

So is this P.T demo staying up on the PSN store, or is it up for a limited time?

TheWackyMan2493d ago

it's going to stay on the playstation store for a long time, at least until Silent Hills comes out.

Kurisu2493d ago

Ok cheers. I'm getting a PS4 in a couple weeks so I'll have to check it out then.

ps5fanboy2493d ago

I imagine it will stay, as it is a free teaser/demo , and possibly(certainly) a classic moment in gaming?

I'm a grown guy and it freaked the crap out of me in places.

Kurisu2493d ago

I've seen the video of the game play so I know what to expect. To be honest I'm not really one for horror games, but the graphics look so good from the gameplay video that I want to see what it looks like first hand, rather than on youtube through my phone lol.

Sm00thNinja2493d ago

Shame this was basically just a demo to test the water. I think going third person will take away a lot of the immersion. Here's hoping the positive feedback from this demo will shape their focus

mixelon2493d ago

Im hoping they take a page from SH4 and switch between 1st and 3rd person depending on the environment.

Small claustrophobic interiors suck in 3rd person.

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The story is too old to be commented.