3 Ways Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Campaign is Resurrecting its Endangered Narratives

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is shaping up to breathe life into the single player aspect of the Call of Duty franchise. Here are three reasons why.

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ThunderPulse2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

3 Ways it Won't
#1 MP is more popular than SP
#2 SP isn't even touched by some a lot of people
#3 Generic Story

XtraTrstrL2493d ago

You're right about #2, I deleted Ghosts off my PS4 a month or 2 ago because I was sick of it's horrible performance. Before doing so, I'd packed over 20 hours of gameplay into it though, and not 1 second of that was single player campaign. To be honest, I'm not sure I'd buy another COD unless they went the route of oldschool PC shooters or the new Killzone and PvZ: Garden Warfare. As in, give competitive mp map packs for free, and charge only for co-op stuff, customization items, weapons and other items and boosters.

The reason is that I'm sick of the fragmentation of the player pool, by the time the 2nd or 3rd map pack releases, I can never get into Kill Confirmed or other types of matches after 11pm or midnight. I'm forced to play Team Deathmatch late at night usually because of the segregation of the community. I don't like being forced to buy map packs just to be able to play a mode I like, and even then you still have less people to play with than before.

crusf2493d ago

Leave MP out of it look at the campaign as a whole dear sir. That leaves you with one reason awww:(

qwerty6762493d ago

everyone trying to be more like naughty dog now.

ape0072493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

remember that ND's Legendary game UC2 took notes from IW's CoD 4 in both sp(intense pacing) and mp(perks and stuff)

im glad ND is still together, unlike IW which totally suck now after the departure

Summons752493d ago

Endangered narratives...

Uh, have you been in a closet or something because
A) we have tons of games with amazing narratives: Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Deus Ex, Red Dead Redemption, Tales of Xillia...just to name a few
B)Call of Duty is THE WORST offender of any type of narrative. Horrible and repeated stale plots with huge plot holes every other level, one character archetype with no character development. Kevin Spacey is not enough to make a story good, sure he's a great actor but if the writing is bad (which from trailers it's typical generic story with bad writing) than Kevin Spacey could give an Emmy winning performance but the story will still be bad,
C) Not to mention the fact that hardly anyone play COD for the story, it's multiplayer focused and will always be. The "new mechanics" are nothing new to gaming or do they provide anything to the story. In all the demos you have super arms but can only use the strength when promoted.

crusf2493d ago

We saw these articles last year:
*3 ways ghosts revolutionizes Call of duty.
*10 ways (1 way per page) Ghosts will be the definitive Call of Duty.
*Next gen starts with ghosts and here's why.

ramiuk12493d ago

but the fish moved away from you in the water