Pokken Tournament Will Pave Way for Pokemon Stadium Wii U

With the announcement of Pokken Tournament, Nintendo doesn't have anymore excuses to not bring Pokemon Stadium to the Wii U.

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ForgottenProphecy2494d ago

But they have to make Pokken 1, 2, and 3 first, which will take a very long time.

HavokPants2493d ago

i saw what you saw what we both did there

ThatOneRiggaNob2494d ago

I'm really mad at this announcement! I was expecting a Pokemon open world style game. Sorta like Skyrim but with a pokemon theme. Sorta just like the handheld games but way more vast and open. Maybe one day it will come and I'll be here when it does! I'm happy for the people who enjoy fighting games and love Pokemon though!

Reeze2493d ago

I agree! I was really hoping for a more open-world 3D Pokemon game that looks somewhat realistic. It's very far-fetched, but I know it's in high demand!

link2Dpast2493d ago

Many of us do but pokemon on handheld is nintendos bread and butter, that game alone is what keeps people buying handhelds. Also I feel that a release of a adventure type on the home console takes away the magic of it as a handheld game.

user95970822494d ago

They better bring mini games back. I still play those with friends

ABizzel12494d ago


Clefairy, Lickitung, Metapod / Kakuna, etc... They were classics :D

SG1_dapunisherX2494d ago

nope... my reason is, not action adventure rpg like 3ds. some will pick up it but overall will rather play pokemon on 3ds/2ds

WeAreLegion2493d ago

I hate Stadium. Take the exploring aspect out of an RPG and just leave the turn-based combat. Really? That's so boring! Pokken is a much better idea.

crusf2493d ago

They didnt want to divert the attention from the booming portable game at the time obviously. Colosseum and XD came out and everyone seems to not mention those anywhere.

WeAreLegion2493d ago

Good point. Those were both good games.

Rockets122493d ago

What's wrong with turn based RPGs? Also i agree with another Colosseum/XD. Those games were amazing.

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