Pre-Load Destiny on Xbox One, Reads Store Game Description

MP1st - According to the console’s online store, Xbox One users may be able to pre-purchase and pre-download Bungie’s upcoming shooter, Destiny, before its September 9 release.

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JeffGUNZ2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

I am hoping this will be a test for the early update preview users for Octobers update.

Is it really only 18GB? Figured it would be twice that.

HugoDrax2483d ago

I'm at 96% used hahahaha. I have 3 choices in a few weeks......
1) Keep my Destiny PS4 bundle pre order at amazon
2) Order the white 4tb Western Digital external hard drive for my XB1
3) Erase a few games on my xbox one, in order to make room for Destiny digital.

Uggghhhh! I have a week and a half to decide, because I'm selling my PS4 copy of Destiny that's included with the white console.

gamertk4212483d ago

Buy a 1TB touro pro to get space and hasten load times, due to 7200 rpm.

Godz Kastro2483d ago

Hugo, I have one of those cloud drives. They don't have USB cable connections as they plug directly into a router. I just checked yours and it looks to be the same. Be careful with cloud drives if your looking to plug directly in to X1.

JeffGUNZ2483d ago

Hugo, for external, I went with the Seagate 2TB for 79.99 and it works wonders.

HugoDrax2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

I could use increased load times. Considering 75% of my games are digital. With the exception of Sniper Elite, Watch Dogs, and sports titles. I've decided to follow your advice, and I'm choosing the gold drive for $69. My gamertag and PSN ID is GOLDFINGER, so I guess that drive will suit me lol.

@Godz Kastro
I was wondering if those cloud drives would be an issue. You may be right, probably best to avoid those drives.

I'll look into that now as well. Thanks for the replies everyone.

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ScorpiusX2483d ago

Wish they would've said something about this awhile back.

matt1392483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Okay so do you get the vanguard armoury if preload the standard edition or do you have to get the digital guardian edition?

LAWSON722483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

It comes with the standard edition, it shows the preorder incentive on the game page.

ThatOneRiggaNob2483d ago

So glad this has finally come to Xbox One! I was getting tired of waiting until 2am to download a game just to wait another 30mins to 1 hour just to play.

JeffGUNZ2483d ago

Stay on the side of caution. This was most likely added as a mistake. This happened with Titanfall too and MS then later on the same day said that was added by error. The only way I see this happening is if it's open for xbox update early preview members, which I am apart of. Still no word on when the october preview update will be released, but perhaps destiny will be the trial for their pre-load?

matt1392483d ago

But you can preload madden via

ThatOneRiggaNob2483d ago

Didn't they just do this with Madden 2015 or was it just to preorder it?

Kribwalker2483d ago

You could preload madden this week, I'm sure they will do the same with destiny then

JeffGUNZ2483d ago

I stand corrected. I remember at E3 they stated Fifa or Forza would be the first. Surprised they are a month ahead of schedule. You think they would have officially announced this.

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