Digital Gaming Sucks When You Can’t Play Your Games

Entertainment Fuse: I was reminded of one of the reasons why the digital future is not something everyone wants. Why some are even afraid of or upset by gaming moving towards a non-physical market.

The Playstation Network, Xbox Live, BattleNet, League of Legends and more were attacked by a group of hackers. Some of these games and services were unavailable or unstable for most of Aug 24th.

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xer02483d ago

Good article.

I got really upset by the whole hacking. But in hindsight, it's made people aware of the pitfalls of digital gaming as it exists now.

All my digital games that I download should be accessible and playable, even without an internet connection.

I want more people to shout about this.

What are we paying money for, if we're being denied access; just because our consoles can't connect to a gaming network?

nicksetzer12483d ago

What confuses me, I know I have played digital titles offline on my xb1, even pretty sure I have on my PS4, is it just certain games?

Kayant2483d ago

The policies are the same from what i have read. The issues that happened are largely because people don't set their console to primary beforehand. Both have a grace period in which access is taken away if it's not being played from the set primary console.

Xb1ps42482d ago

Yea is confuses me too cause all my games are DD on xb1 and ps4. When ps4 network wasn't working my DD games worked just fine off line only difference was infamous tried to log me in itself and got a message that the network was under maintenance on the top left screen but it never effected the game at all..

donthate2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

With the original Xbox One policy, you would have a 24-hour grace period to play your games offline, in which case you would need to check in. With an outage like PSN had recently, you would have been fine.

An outage like PSN hack for a month, you would be screwed with the original policies, but assuming the company would be able to keep the authorization servers online, you would be fine.

However, with the current model at least on Xbox One, if you designated a primary console you can play all your digital games off line.

I don't know about PS4, because I don't own or play that many games on it.

It really is no different than Netflix or anyone else, when they have an outage or when the internet is down for whatever reason.

It is a trade-off that I am ok with, because it happens so rarely and the convenience of digital is incredible.

redwin2482d ago

I am able to play my digital games offline on xbone.

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TimeSkipLuffy2483d ago

I have no digital game (from over 250) that is not playable while offline... Only MP titles require network connectivity but that is true for retail games as well

die_fiend2482d ago

Aww don't get upset about not being able to play your games. There's always mummy's shoulder to cry on.

johndoe112112482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

What the hell is the point or reasoning behind your comment? Is it a desperate cry for attention? or is it practice in the art of trolling? Either way, you really need to get a freaking clue.

die_fiend2482d ago

*wahhhh* I can't play my games. If I need a clue, you need a life

ifistbrowni2482d ago

set your ps4 to primary and you should have no issues.

i only have digital for ps4 and had no issues throughout the outage.

jahfen832482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

not true, mine is set to primary, and I couldn't play any of my digital games during the issue.


I have had the trouble going digital as well, 3 different games have had problems to where I've rebuilt the data base, erased then reinstalled multiple times, & nothing worked ( btw this is what Sony will tell you to do for trouble shooting tips, after this they will tell you that you're SOL and to post in the forums... In my experience, calling them is usually a waste of time: their tech support/managers are usually pure unprofessional garbage and I truly mean this strictly due to either how inadequate at their job they are or how their complete and utter rudeness...

Don't get me wrong their are some really nice people there.... I just feel if I spent 60 bucks on a digital game then it had better damn well work... IDGAF about a one time refund policy, it's illegal/wrong to sell people items that do not work... I have a couple refunds because it had to fight tooth and nail and it's really just to damn stupid to waste all that time arguing facts/morality to an uneducated jackass that's incompetent at their job...

Basically to end this rant.... Stay away from digital, it's can be cool/convenient but overall a big headache and it's not worth the risk.

2482d ago
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gangsta_red2483d ago

XBL was not hit with a DDoS attack, the only game that experienced trouble was Diablo III. Everything else was fine. And before people(sony fanboys)start sending the "limited" link, this isn't the first time XBL has had a limited status.

PSN was hit with the DDoS attack and they need to get their security up to par if they want to PSNow to work and their plans of switching over to an all digital gaming console.

one2thr2482d ago

Please explain to us about your method(s) for a company(s), "to get their security up to par", would prevent a DDoS attack from happening?

Id like to know, for future references.

HanzoHattori2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

gangsta_red doesn't understand that no such thing exists when it comes to a denial of service attack. The same is true for people who actually think Xbox Live is impervious.

gangsta_red2482d ago

Ooooh I don't know, maybe the fact that XBL NEVER WENT DOWN UNLILKE PSN!

Maybe that could be a good start.

You sony fanboys do a great job at pretending XBL was having the same issues.

FACT, XBL did not have the same issues and was never down. Just because they had limited service doesn't mean they were attacked unlike PSN which was down for dang near a whole weekend.

But please, keep making excuses for Sony and drag XBL into your story and pretend that companies can do nothing to prevent or better handle a DDoS attack.

one2thr2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

@Gangsta Red

With that logic, would you say that Xbox Live has better online security than lets say NASDAQ seeing that its services were crippled do to a DDoS attack as well?

Killzoner992482d ago

Xbox Live was hit just as hard as PSN. Don't act like Live is immune to attacks when it was down for the same time period as PSN. This is a problem all gamers must face and we can thank hackers for that.

roland822482d ago

Xbl never went down. Some people had trouble signing in for about a hour. Psn was down all day.

2482d ago
Funantic12482d ago

Xbox Live never ever went down for me. I played COD online as much as I wanted to. I've been told that the Lizards praised MS on twitter because of their strong security. Even Sony fans know that MS has a better reputation of online security.

HanzoHattori2482d ago

Xbox Live has had the "Limited" designation since early August 25th. From my comment history:

2 days ago

August 25th, 3 days ago

Just because Microsoft does a better job of keeping their network issues quiet doesn't mean that Xbox Live isn't having issues.

LordMaim2482d ago

Considering Lizard Squad said directly that they were DDoSing Xbox Live, I'm not how you can say they weren't.

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ElementX2482d ago

Oh Heaven forbid you can't play a game for a day or two! I have multiple hobbies and if I can't game, I find something else to do. It's not the end of the world.

nX2482d ago

Still shouldn't we demand that our bought games are playable offline as well? I have other hobbies (and other consoles as well) but I'd rather hold onto my rights as a customer.

2482d ago
GuruMeditation2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I also have other hobbies. But that doesn't mean I, and others like me, shouldn't get what we pay for.

ElementX2482d ago

You pay for electricity but that sometimes goes out, same with the Internet. What about no cell reception? There are a number of things that you pay for that can suddenly stop working. Life goes on.

mydyingparadiselost2482d ago

Electricity, cells and internet are dependent on their connection to a grid or tower to function while a video games (sans MMO or MP only game) isn't. There's a huge difference between your electricity going out and not being able to play a game that isn't dependent on a server to function.

2482d ago
ElementX2482d ago

My point is that even if you pay for something, ie. car, internet service, mobile phone, air conditioner, whatever... at some point it'll quit working for one reason or another and you won't be able to use it. It's not the end of the world.

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tweet752482d ago

just thinking what will happen to digital games when they are no longer supported on the console

Xb1ps42482d ago

Same thing that happens to all your other games... You stop playing them and move on to the next gen..

Let's not pretend that games hold a high value for trade in yrs after release or that you even play the game just 2 years later you might have a handful of games that you might play a few yrs later but you know you don't play most of them. But hey if you feel those 2 dollars in trade in is that important then stick with physical, me... I'm all digital and sure that I will be able to take those games with me to the next gen when that happens..

mydyingparadiselost2482d ago

Yea, you'll definitely be able to take those games to the next gen, just like ps3 to 4 and 360 to XOne :\

tweet752482d ago

i just like to know ill be able to play these games 20-30 years from now pass them on to my kids. I still have my nes games from 1987 that still play fine I want the same with digital games.

Xb1ps42482d ago


This isnt ps3 or 360..

Clearly the future is digital and is being implemented in better ways than the last gen consoles..

voodoochild3462482d ago

And you know this how? Because the done similar things with digital in the past? You do seem to have a lot of knowledge of the future policies of companies you have no control over...

SynestheticRoar2482d ago

When it becomes a all digital market, im done with gaming.

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