Boom Blox sees disappointing sales in May

Boom Blox is arguably one of the biggest third-party efforts that has hit the Wii this year. Critics have praised the title wholeheartedly, yet it looks like we have another Okami-esque situation on our hands. Despite positive review scores, Boom Blox only managed to move 60,000 copies in May.

"It's still really hard for new IP to breakthrough the noise in the market, and there has been a lot of noise so far this year. Between Super Smash Bros. Brawl, GTA IV, Wii Fit, Mario Kart and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 (to name a few), there have been some really high profile game releases. The game was really well reviewed so I'm suspecting the marketing just didn't break through the clutter to the extent that they were hoping for." - Anita Frazier, a NPD analyst

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Voiceofreason3777d ago

LMAO what marketing? You'll see a TV commercial for all those other games but not one for boom blox. Not hard to fail when you set out to fail

MK_Red3777d ago

I guess you didn't see the many EA commercials for this game or the site banner ads on net or the advertising toons and logos on places. If EA is good at one thing, that's over advertising their games but when it comes to a good 3rd party exclusive Wii, it doesn't matter.

Only bad games like Carnival Games and Game Party sell (With no hype or ads).

The gaming GOD3777d ago

Boom Blox had been marketed. And very well. And that commercial really tries to emphasis that it's a Steven Speilberg game. Wii owners just aren't buying. Plain and Simple

MaximusPrime3777d ago

Ive seen Boom Blox advertised on TV, three times.

Voiceofreason3777d ago

Not really MK Red. Having a banner ad is nothing like real TV advertising. Not just some video you find online. I have yet to see any Wii game that got the same level of TV time as Madden,Guitar Hero,Mario Kart, SSBB, so on fail. I have yet to see any TV ads for it so if it does indeed have some type of TV marketing the budget is very small.

TheColbertinator3777d ago

The closest thing I have to that is a PS3 that plays a variety of games and will also have Little Big Planet with a fully-supported online with create-share-play features in September.

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baum3777d ago

And the Wii 3rd party exclusives continue to fail.

solidt123777d ago

I know one thing. Nintendo better start showing the 3rd party's some love because There is a rumor that the PS3 and 360 are getting motion sensing controllers. If that happens 3rd party's may skip Nintendo since they only care about promoting there 1st party games. The reviewers really liked this game also. It's a shame. Pretty soon the only games on the Wii will be 1st party games which is good so that the 3rd party's can focus more on real games and understand that the Hardcore audience shouldn't be ignored. We need more PS3 and 360 games for 3rd parties.

MK_Red3777d ago

Actually, Nintendo doesn't need to do a thing and 3rd party is enjoying great sales on Wii. Only the good ones bomb.

The crappy ones like Carnival Games and Game Party sell. So when crappy 3rd party games that are cheap party / mini-game collections sell one Wii, why should they go on expensive consoles like PS3 and 360 (Even with motion s controllers) that has more real gamers who understand the difference between a pile of **** (Carnival Games, Emergency Heroes) and real games (MGS4, GTA4, COD4).

Silellak3777d ago

Yeah, it's always hilarious when fun, original games bomb because idiot customers don't buy them.

No real gamer wants to see a great game fail just because it's on the "wrong console."

Every game like this that fails is a blow to gaming in general.

MK_Red3777d ago

Actually, I don't think Boom Blox was on the wrong console. It's one game that actually made using Wii-Mote really fun and is definitly meant to be on Wii.

But as you said, it's indeed sad to see such a great game bomb.

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MK_Red3777d ago

Of course its sales were disappoiting. What were you expecting from a good 3rd party Wii game? There is a golden rule: Only crappy 3rd party games (Like Carnival Games) sell on Wii while good ones like Boom Blox, No More Heroes and Zack & Wiki bomb.

Also, Z&W is the only one that wasn't hyped. Boom Blox had huge Spielberg hype behind it along with mad advertising of EA (Few TV Spots but a lot of site layouts and other advertisings), NMH had a huge huge hype with many TV spots.

green3777d ago

Agree.Let not even kid ourselves because if this game was released for either the PS3 or 360 you would have seen much better sales even with their smaller install base.

MK_Red3777d ago

True. One good thing about PS3 and 360 is that so far, there hasn't been a good game that bombed. Even an artisitc game like BioShock was a huge success on 360.

The gaming GOD3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

If you're a Wii 3rd party developer and want to make money, make a crappy game. Don't make good games like Boom Blox or Zack and Wiki because your efforts will be in vain.

@at the two above comments:

That's true. But think about it. There is a reason GOOD games on the ps3 and 360 haven't bombed. They are more experienced gamers. So they KNOW a good game from a bad game.

The problem is that when the Wii brought in the casual market, you have to keep in mind they are generally the demographic that is new to gaming. So they'll pick up anything that looks quirky and fun even if it's NOT necessarily as good as the box cover and back make it look.

But that's not the consumer's fault. As I said, they are new to gaming, so they don't really know any better.

MK_Red3777d ago

The gaming GOD, agreed and good points about experience of most of Wii owners.

EA finally had a decent Wii exclusive (After horrible Boogie and that Ninja Game) and it bombed. Guess EA's next game is gonna be a crappy party / mini-game collection that will sell millions.

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MaximusPrime3777d ago

most of the people have moved on to PS3 (a few to xbox 360)

Covenant3777d ago

And that's a damn's a great game. Best fun I've had in a while.

Maybe word of mouth will bring it around.

jcgamer3777d ago

how's it goin man...were there any TV spots for Boom Blox? I didn't even know it was out yet...Even though I don't own a Wii, I usually know when a Wii game is coming out because of the advertising, first to third party...

MK_Red3777d ago

Definitly agreed Covenant.
Boom Blox is a game I was kinda hating but when it came out, I was blown away. Seriously fun and I didn't even get to mess with creation tools.

jcgamer, how are you my friend?
I really think you have missed the TV spots. EA has been really advertising this with TV Spots focusing on cartoonish blocks, freedom and Spielberg and there have been site banners and other advertisings.
It's just sad that this game bombed. It is one of those games that not only was really good but was meant to be on Wii and had really nice Wii-mote controls. Just sad.

jcgamer3777d ago

how's it goin bro...yeah, I must have missed the TV spots, cause I sure didn't see one...hopefully word of mouth may get the game to have some legs as far as sales and popularity...

MK_Red3777d ago

Hey, cool man. Hopefully indeed the word of mouth helps sales of this game.
Game on.

mepsipax3777d ago

I think EA was really stupid on the marketing side of things, I did not see one freakin advertisement on any site, magazine or commercial, I think EA really underestimated the average Wii owner, who goes to Wal-Mart looks at the available games and gets the most colorful one (don't hate on me I own a Wii too and love it.) EA should have made the box more colorful, while the color range is okay, there weren't enough vibrant colors, I mean c'mon guys it's simple science here. On a serious note, I think that EA thought all they had to do was have Steven Speibergs name there and people would somehow become instantly aware of it, Boom Blox is a true gem, and I still love creating levels with it. I hope EA dies soon anyway, all they do is buy developers and tell them to create a good game then release it early and have it half the product it could have been. I HATE EA

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