Sean Murray confirms there are no loading times in 'No Man's Sky'

No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray spoke about the world, what is responsible for the creation of everything we see on each planet and how there are no loading times.

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mezati992446d ago

ok this game is just too good to be true

ForgottenProphecy2446d ago

Right? I have a feeling it won't be even half as good as people are making it out to be. I am looking forward to it however, I hope the best for it.

BitbyDeath2446d ago

It'd still be pretty darn good game if it was only half as good as the hype :-p

MRMagoo1232446d ago

I really cant wait for this game, offline mode will be amazing too, exploring a universe solo like some star trek show, or going online and randomly bumping into who knows what, having space fights and taking over planets.

mkis0072446d ago

Thats the thing most people don't get. The original release is not the sense that you cant actually meet up with your freinds, that will come in an expansion of sorts.

uth112446d ago

ok, I get that you can generate a planet from a random seed, but what happens once you are on the planet and alter things somehow (like idk, shoot all the dinos?), are all your changes lost? Is the planet generated to its pristine condition everytime you visit?

logan_izer102446d ago

One of their interview videos he said everything is persistent. So if you put something down for example, it'll be there even when you leave and come back

uth112446d ago

ok, but that would require loading times, no?

ThatOneGuyThere2446d ago


Loading can happen while you're flying down into the planet. Instead of thinking about "no loading", think about it as "always loading". Its easier to grasp that way.

thorstein2446d ago

Think of it in the way Demon's Souls always "saved" constantly.

Sharky2312446d ago

I have really high hopes for this game! This could really bring a lot of new ideas for developers to use in other games.

skydragoonity2446d ago

Getting this day 1 on my ps4

MRMagoo1232446d ago

Me too, maybe we will bump into each other on some random planet, maybe a dogfight lol cant wait.

MasterCornholio2446d ago

Wow I can't believe what an indie studio is able to produce.

Dang a lot of these indie games seem to be on the same level as some very good AAA games.

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