The PSP is Far from Dying, Here's Why

A couple of days ago, one Kombo editor proposed that the PSP's future was shady at best. Now, another editor is firing back and providing reasons why the PSP won't be shriveling up and fading away any time soon.

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deeznuts3831d ago

See what happens when you have more than one editor?

aftrdark213831d ago

This guy makes some good points. I love my PSP. Remote play is great!

badz1493831d ago

that's what I hope for because I love it so much and planning to buy my third! the new colors are simply irresistable!

Strife Lives3831d ago

Being 2nd place in sales isnt a death sentances.its not like the DS is selling 500000 a week and the PSP is selling 10.I love my psp,and,games music video.nuff said.

IdleLeeSiuLung3831d ago

That is a terrible article/blog posting.

"Titles like Flow and Echocrome are far more innovative than 99% of games on the market, and a big-name title finds its way onto shelves every couple of months."

Why do people feel compelled to cite numbers that aren't necessarily correct? In this case it is more than just questionable! That sounded more like a rant and he was all over the place... There should be a standard for what can be approved on this site.

Although I agree that the PSP is nowhere near doom and gloom and is doing quite well. It is profitable and currently sells well just like the Xbox 360. It might not finish first, but is still a good business.

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