IGN: Destroy All Humans Blog: Philosophy

Jon Knoles, creative director from Sandblast Games writes:

"As described in Blog #1: Hi-Fi Destruction in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon, Path of the Furon redefines "massive destruction" for next gen consoles. You will see a higher level detail of destruction on a scale never before seen on any console this time around: larger cities, filled with skyscrapers, all of which can be completely and utterly destroyed. You will see crowds of panicked humans fleeing buildings as you destroy them. You'll see skies full of attack helicopters and alien saucers all trying to bring you down. And you'll unleash unbelievably destructive far out alien weaponry on humans and their world with weapons like the Black Hole Gun, Tornadotron and Quantum Deconstructor, to name a few."

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