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Nintendo's Renewed Focus is on Core Gamers says Miyamoto

In a recent interview, Shigeru Miyamoto shared how Nintendo’s focus has shifted from pleasing the casual gamer back to the core gamer.

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Abash2579d ago

The casuals didn't bite this time, and we all know how hard Nintendo tried to win them over again with the Wii U's first year and a half.

With that being said, it's good to see Nintendo try to get Wii U sales by focusing on gamers once again.

Maddens Raiders2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

"Nintendo's Renewed Focus is on Core Gamers says Miyamoto.."

Whoa... ok I'm listening. You've got my attention Miyamoto-san. Now show us what you're cooking up.

bouzebbal2579d ago

hopefully a new start for Nintendo cause the permanent fanbase (core gamers) is the one that should come first.
The real problem with Nintendo is that their old fans aren't "young" anymore and they're not offering anything for 30 year old+ gamers

gerbwmu2579d ago

To be honest.....I want the casuals on board. The more consoles and software sold the more likely I am to get the games I want because some lost profit isn't as big of a deal. Makes investing in some of the obscure titles easier for the companies to swallow when financial targets are already being met.

The Wii was obviously a machine made for anyone/everyone but I have 15-20 games that I love and many of them probably don't see my machine if it sells 35 million instead of 100 million.

I had hoped the Wii U would bridge the popularity of the Wii with the N64/GameCube generation but it hasn't caught on yet. Hopefully it keeps chugging along and continue to give me the games I'm looking for.

Picnic2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Cooking With Mario WiiU

UltraNova2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

The ONLY way Nintendo can convince me of this new found core gamer focus is to release an R rated Mario game with realistic body dismemberment and a text book schizophrenic plumber who likes princess brains.


Shnazzyone2578d ago

I'd say Bayonetta 2, devil's third, X and a new fatal frame is a damn good start.

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-Foxtrot2579d ago

No offence but the whole situation kind of comes off like

"Oh no the casuals aren't biting again like with the Wii...well we'll just have to crawl back to the hardcore gamers"

Makes us look like sloppy seconds, just like what MS did after Kinect slowed down

SoapShoes2579d ago

But it's not nearly as bad as what Xbox did...

-Foxtrot2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Course not but it doesn't mean it's not something they should of been focused on from the start, not coming back to core gamers because the casuals don't care anymore

It's like if your girlfriend dumped you for another, hotter guy only for her to crawl back because he lost interest in her.

gangsta_red2579d ago

It's just as bad as MS. Nintendo dedicated a whole generation to the casuals and even tried to capitalize on the name with the WiiU. But now that see the causals aren't biting 2 years into their new console now they want their core gamers back?

It's worse than MS!

Concertoine2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Im confused. What do you think they shouldve done?

And don't say "should've never gone after casuals in the first place", that much is obvious and has been obvious. But you can't change the past, only reflect on it and learn from it, which they are doing to an extent.

I personally don't take any offense to them coming back... that was the best course of action.

Two different beasts, i think. Nintendo at least didnt try to disenfranchise customers and extend their control as a corporation beyond comfortability. Also while the Wii was casual, Nintendo produced hardcore software maybe 80% of the time, while once the Kinect took off MS' first party content was largely casual Kinect stuff.

Segata2579d ago

Erm they published Ninja Gaiden 3 at launch. They Announced they were publishing Bayonetta 2 before launch. This has been pretty much their focus since launch. Just now Shiggy is coming out and saying it. It's not an announcement as hey we are switching now.

Chrischi19882579d ago

No it is not worth. Nintendo said from the very start, when they presented the Wii U, that they try to become more hardcore and have better turd party support, you cannot deny this, this is a fact. How it all played out, is a different story...

And what is so bad trying to make a console for casuals and hardcore at the same time? Actually nothing.

-Foxtrot2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )


"What do you think they shouldve done?"

"And don't say "should've never gone after casuals in the first place", that much is obvious and has been obvious"

You've just answered your own question

I also would of seen how we had a year head start before the PS4/Xbox One and I would know how much more powerful they would be based on the companies past consoles. I would then make sure, a year or so before the console even comes out, that games like Super Mario 3D World which came out a year later was started earlier along with Pikman 3 so they could be launch titles. Then maybe get Mario Kart 8 out for May that year then hopefully Smash Bros for the month the PS4/Xbox One was coming out so you have something to proudly state "Hey don't buy those, buy one of ours we have Smash Bros". So yeah I definitely would of organized things better not just hope the casuals would come running in again.

Then during that year I would maybe throw a bit of money on third party devs to make exclusive games for the Wii U to release THAT YEAR. I would acknowledged that once the PS4/Xbox One comes out support would drop so I would try and get some exclusive, new IPs on the system so they would be released during the first year of the consoles release. Hopefully by then if sales do pick up, third party support won't be put off completely and will still stick around. If I can't have games like Mass Effect 4, Dragon Age 3, Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight or Rise of the Tomb Raider then I would see if I could have third party exclusive games instead to set my console apart from the others.

Obviously that plan is not completely perfect but it's just something I came up with on the spot to try and answer your question.

"I personally don't take any offense to them coming back... that was the best course of action."

No one is taking full on offence it's just a little annoying because they thought they would try to go after one crowd again only for them to turn their backs on them and they've come crawling back to the fanbase which has been with them from the start, got them where they are today and are the main reason why they are successful. I just don't understand how people on this site can give someone like Microsoft a load of shit for doing that yet here it seems to be fine. Double standards you know. I'm not saying Nintendo are Microsoft by the way...just incase someone tries to say thats what I'm getting at. Microsoft are in another league with what they did.

No one is saying aswell "Oh come on guys lets boycott Nintendo", just some acknowledgement to express they understand what Nintendo has done rather then letting them off the hook.

Ausbo2579d ago

Yeah it is worse that MS. Nintendo focused on the casuals from 2006-2014. That's a lot longer than Microsoft did the Kinect.

Concertoine2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )


Hmm... fair enough. Although i dont get a sloppy seconds mentality. To be fair they really tried to convince the hardcore with the Gamecube, and they did a damn good job. It was just the image of the system and a contagious mentality that they were kiddy, when back then i'd argue they werent any more so than Sony or MS. But yeah, i can mostly agree with that. I think they shouldve waited and released the console alongside the PS4/XB1. Those two are in a drought just like they were (not as bad tho) and they wouldve at least had all these games in queue to release on a timely basis.


I still say that while the system was casual, it was the third parties that largely provided the casual games. Nintendo's focus was on the hardcore with Xenoblade, DK, Metroid, and every third party game financed by them in that gen (2 Fatal Frames, Last Story, Pandora's Tower). Obviously there are exceptions like Wii Fit, but they're focus was on hardcore in software and casuals in advertisement. They even had Neo-Geo and C64 on the VC... doesnt get more hardcore than that, really.

GordonKnight2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Nintendo has provide me with everything I expected out of the Wii U, but they could've had more games at launch and more virtual consoles.

IMO Kinect had nothing to do with MS slowed. It was how big of a deal the media made out of 3rd party games looking some much better on PS4. It's true though.

All I want from Nintendo is for them to release more virtual console games, continue making their quality games, and make sure all RPGs released on the Wii U.

It's crime that so many RPGs are not coming to the Wii U, the gamepad makes it my preferred consoles for RGPs.

Madock2579d ago

It comes like a confession that they weren't focusing on the core audience which is sad tbh,
Despite this, we had some really good games, i wonder with full attention and focus what we can get,
I believe in u Nintendo, u have enough talent to ruin competition and be on top again

-Foxtrot2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )


"PS4/XB1. Those two are in a drought just like they were (not as bad tho)"

Not really. First party games...yes but in terms of games I think they are both doing pretty well. I mean Nintendo during the first year was like wasteland for most of it

Nintendo was more in drought because they had no third party support, Sony and Microsoft can rely on third party games while they make their first party titles.

Nintendo can't really do that. If you are waiting for a first party game there's hardly anything in between to nibble on before one game finally comes out.

@Loadedklip below

"Blah Blah Blah...negative comment"

Change the bloody record. I could ask why you need everyone to write a 100% positive comment about Nintendo and why you can't let other people post good and bad things, not to mention the fact you only comment on mostly Nintendo articles....but I don't.

Loadedklip2579d ago

You can't change the past ... all you can do is move forward and change for the future. Would you rather Nintendo not make this statement and set the goals back to the core gamers? Seems you can't even take good Nintendo news and accept it. You have to always make a negative comment about anything and everything Nintendo related.

randomass1712579d ago

Not that you are wrong. Nintendo should not have gone for the casual crowd. But it got them a lot of success and it is now in the past. Unless you want them to go back in time and change their actions it really seems like complaining about the past is moot when they are taking steps to fix the problem.

Loadedklip2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I don't post too much here at all to be honest. But when I do it is mostly Nintendo because Nintendo has the most negativity surrounding them.

either way you look at my last 10 comments and you will mostly see Call of Duty and King of Fighters comments with one discussing the console race and me saying siding with Sony on it.

So say what you want Foxtrot but you are indeed infamous for your negative Nintendo post.

I am not saying you can never be negative but you are ALWAYS negative towards Nintendo. That is the difference.

Foxtrot: "Blah Blah Blah...negative comment"


jcnba282579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Ok what are you talking about?

Would you prefer if Nintendo just forgot about it's core fans and stay trying to appeal to the casuals?

If you haven't noticed the gaming industry changes all the time.

Nintendo won over the casuals last gen with the Wii. Sony and Microsoft saw this and did it themselves.

This gen the big 3 most notably Nintendo and Microsoft have realised that casuals are very unpredictable so they've both changed their stance:

- Microsoft removing the Kinect.
- Nintendo focusing more on their core audience.

It's a win-win situation for us core gamers.

Shnazzyone2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

You clearly have too many bubbles. Go back to whatever you're from. I see right through you. There's no convincing you because this is ALL YOU DO. Go outside. damn.

Nintendo never left us, they focused on casuals with wiifit, wiisports, and... that's pretty much it. Galaxy was for the hardcore, Galaxy 2 was for the hardcore, twilight princess was for the hardcore, excite trucks/bots was for the hardcore, xenoblade chronicles was for the hardcore, skyward sword was for the hardcore, prime trilogy, Sin and punishment, other M(though failed), VC, pikmen 1 and 2.

They never left, they have renewed focus on their core, which I like. It's nintendo games in HD, who cares about the power. Mario Kart 8, Pikmen 3, mario 3d land, wonderful 101. It is an incredible system.

Your analogy is moot. Because we're not talking pussy here. we're talking a game company. They do things. Sony did move, HANNAH MONTANA PSP!, and was happily lapping up the casuals during ps2 gen. MS, we all know what MS did.

Are the games good? Yes? Who gives a fuck! If you want to make a sloppy seconds analogy that's your problem. If you are equating stances of game companies to the shit you see on porn hub? You gotta get out more.

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3-4-52579d ago

Basically this means we can expect some AWESOME surprises about games we'd only dreamed of.

Sayai jin2579d ago

They need those multi plats to help win over the core. They are really behind n this apartment.

Anyways still loving that new mario kart

desolationstorm2579d ago

No they don't. If a gamer cares about the big multi plats they likely have upgraded or have their hearts set on the One or the 4.

Wii U is typically going to be a additional system for a large chunk of gamers.

They could announce a whole bunch of multi plat games but if they are online focused people have their crowds they are likely to game with.

wonderfulmonkeyman2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

You're joking, right?
Take a look back at the Wii U's first couple of years.
It HAS multiplats.
The problem is that they were done so badly that not even the most hardcore gamers, not even the ones on other systems, want to support them on the wii u.
Everyone flocked to the multiplats on other systems because third parties didn't do anything unique or enticing to the wii u versions to differentiate them from the versions on other consoles.
They cut content, delayed, and didn't support the games, and not even Sony and Microsoft fans, who know good multiplats when they see them and would normally jump at the chance to support one that had some interesting extra content, would give the third parties money for their multiplats on that system, despite the Wii U being the most inexpensive of the new gen systems.

We need to face facts, here; multiplats, as they are being done now, are doing more harm than good to the Wii U.
It needs exclusives to cover for the multiplats it isn't getting, and the poorly supported ones that are still coming to it.
Exclusives will succeed for third parties on Wii U where their watered down multiplats have failed.

2579d ago Replies(1)
GordonKnight2579d ago

They lost COD!

So, they now have no choice but focus on the core games.

ChickeyCantor2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

" we all know how hard Nintendo tried to win them over again with the Wii U's first year and a half. "

No they didn't. Their marketing plan was pretty much non existing. They hoped the Wii would have carried it for them. If anything Nintendo completely botched it with the so called "casuals".

pcz2578d ago

thing is, nintendo said that before the wiiu was even introduced. the whole point in the wiiu was supposed to be to shift focus back to the core gamers.

we did see hints of that with strong third party titles at release, but since then it has gone rapidly downhill. in fact, its been a free-fall.

we havent exactly had 'core' titles from nintendo either, not the titles i would want and expect anyway. hence i do not own a wiiu. if nintendo actually delivered on their promice of catering to the core, i would have a wiiu, and so would millions of others.

yes, the end of this year and the following year looks promicing, with hyrule warriors, beyonetta, fatal frame, xenoblade and the like, and i will most likely purchase a wiiu at some point in the next 12 months, but i wonder if it is too late for nintendo to capture the larger gaming public as they have not been aggressive enough in securing 'core'/mature titles for the console.

+ Show (5) more repliesLast reply 2569d ago
TheLyonKing2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

It's not that easy, it's seen as a casual machine, almost like a entry level console. The hardcore Nintendo people will state they have games like zelda, bayonetta, zombie u and am sure a slew of a other games but the fact is its not enough. Nintendo need to invest in new ips that are hardcore.

Plus the stigma that it's underpowered rrings true, I mean why make a beautiful game for x1 and ps4 to have it down ported.

Nothing wrong with their games but the vast majority of people buy Nintendo for Nintendo games, they can't break that without a lot of hard work. Nothing wrong with that but it means they won't sell as much.

bass4g2579d ago

I think he's talking about the nintendo core gamers or the "nintendo responsive" core gamers. That would make sense. The point of the wiiu originally was to bring those audiences and the casual audiences together in one console. If you look at the branding; the game cases are a combination of wii and gamecube branding (I.E. casual and hardcore), the name itself is a combination of hardcore (u) and casual (wii) and they started off the console with an attempt to gain hardcore 3rd party titles. What this shows is that nintendo has given up on the casual half of their audience. As they should do. The casuals have given up on them.

tlougotg2579d ago ShowReplies(2)
linkenski2579d ago

Meh. That's been their goal since Wii U launched and aside from MK8 I felt like there was too much catering to what fans had been craving for over MiiVerse or online boards. I hate developers who just do wish-fulfillment for their fans instead of being passionate about making what THEY want.

mikel10152579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Gamecube 2 confirmed for nextgen console!

EDIT: It makes sense for them to move away. They wanted to introduce new people into gaming with the DS and Wii, which were successful, but now that smartphones have taken over, they don't need to be the stepping stone they were before. Time to go hard.

-Foxtrot2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Hopefully, that little box was amazing

Needs something like

Remy_Chaos2579d ago

That is beautiful! That should've been the Wii U's pro controller, I'll still like a few changes but overall its great and yes I agree the Cube was awesome. I'm collecting the hidden gems for it right now, though some are more expensive.

-Foxtrot2579d ago

That's what I don't understand

They had a great controller, something to say "This is Nintendo's take on a traditional controller" yet they threw it away on the Wii U for the Gamepad and then the Pro Controller which looks like a 360 controller.

randomass1712579d ago

What about the new Smash controllers?

-Foxtrot2579d ago


They are good but I wouldn't of minded a wireless version

We wouldn't need them if we had something like the controller in the mock up pic

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 2579d ago
HighResHero2579d ago

I hope they will go back to their roots a bit, but Wii still has tons of brand power. They would probably reinvent it, change the marketing, and call it the "WiiVerse" before they released another Gamecube.
3DS is still selling like hotcakes.