Hackers At Large With DDoS; Gaming Servers Beware

This past weekend was a rough one for gaming companies and it’s advocates thanks to aggressive DDoS hacking, a problem that has now become a go-to method for infiltrators who want to address issues regarding technology and proper server maintenance.

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Mega242493d ago

THey are not hackers...

rdgneoz32493d ago

It was hilarious when they had news reports about the Sony exec's plane being diverted and they called them hackers...

Sayai jin2493d ago

These low-lifes are messing over gamers in disguise of try to stick it to the corporation.

At the end of the day, no online infrastructure is completely safe. It's promising to see that most of the time the load balancers compensate for DDOS which is illustrated by only some services being hindered versus a complete shutdown.

JeffGUNZ2493d ago

If they mess up Destiny I'm going to lose it. These per-pubecent turds think DDoS is hacking but it's basic crap. I hate kids.

johny52493d ago

Another fail in gaming journalism!

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