Is Bioware up to the challenge?

Editor Ron Burke of Gaming Trend looks at the history of Bioware and asks a few pointed questions about Dragon Age: Inquisition. Is Bioware ready for an open world game?

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JPauls2483d ago

I have reservations - a lot of biowares success lies in controlled interactions.

Knightshade2483d ago

I'm hopeful that they've learned and listened to fan feedback. With Darrah, Laidlaw, and Gaider at the helm (pun intended), I'm hopeful. Also...what the hell is your icon??

krazykombatant2483d ago

No, and people who applauded the "extended" endings are why the industry isn't considering to be anything more than video games and childish hobby when it comes to storytelling.

I'll gladly wait until all the DLC and shit comes out for the next BioWare games, and if I like it maybe I'll buy it when it's dirt cheap.

krazykombatant2483d ago

But Casey Hudson left, hopefully, this means that we won't get monstrosities for the endings.

I swore that I'd never buy another BioWare product again, but with Hudson gone, maybe I can be lured back!

Knightshade2483d ago

You don't like three-color option slideshows?

Remy_Chaos2483d ago

Casey Hudson might have left but EA is still there...

700p2483d ago

Casey hudson has nothing to do with the dragon age series.

krazykombatant2483d ago

700p I was talking about BioWare games. Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2/3 suffered in story telling and gameplay

Mass Effect 2, improved in combat but went down the hole in storyline (main antagonist and so on and so forth).

I'm just saying with Casey Hudson gone and new restructuring of BioWare we might expect a better BioWare soon.

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anticlimax2483d ago

At least they've chosen area's instead of total open world. That should give them the chance to build up to those controlled interactions that make their stories enthralling and fun.

I don't beleive they've given up their way of telling stories just to be open world.

Ridah2483d ago

They can dooo eeeeet!

robgardiner2483d ago

Some of my best gaming experiences were from BioWare. I BELIEVE IN THEM.

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