PS Plus in September: Velocity 2X, Sportsfriends, Joe Danger PS Vita, more(EU)

Hi everyone. To help boost your gaming collection we have a feast of goodies lined up for next month on PlayStation Plus. Read on for full details of what’s coming your way on 3rd September.

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Irishguy952493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Wtf!? Ps+ what has happened to you! Been mediocre games for a while now. Although, eh, battle royale is okay I guess

@ below, i'm not talking about Ps4, i'm talking about Ps3. Ps4 is understandable. Ps3? Last year was amazing, this year is meh

I ****ing hope this isn't due to Ps+ being mandatory on Ps4, it's like they don't have to try anymore. Well ****, I guess Ps+ was pretty much too good to be true. It used to be a massive bargine, now it's just...well, I haven't really wanted the games that have come out in this year. Tomb Raider was an exception(that was this year right?)

Edit - I hope so SoapShoes, it's just a bit shocking to have such a drop since last year. But they do have an extra console to take into account this time so it could even be that. Lets hope for great ones on the holidays

@ Mezati, they aren't free. PS+ value is directly dependent on what sony give out. It is personal preference for most. For me, this year was NOT worth the price. I haven't wanted anything on it. Tomb Raider again is an exception but I played it on PC already so I can't complain about that. The rest just aren't that good. So no ones complaining about free games. We complain about the drop in quality from previous years. Also i'm not alone on this, I think most people will agree the Ps3's PS+ games this year have been subpar, Ps4 is understandable imo.

matgrowcott2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

If you think Velocity 2X is mediocre, I feel sorry for you.

EDIT: The rest isn't fantastic, especially for people that buy games often.

sobotz2493d ago

I prefer they give us Octodad or maybe Transistors (hoping).. but Velocity 2X is really underwhelming for my taste, and Sportsfriend.. really??

matgrowcott2493d ago

Sportsfriends was meh. Fun for the context it was made for, absolutely mad that they've added it to Plus because nobody is going to get it and it's just going to cause drama.

Velocity 2X I can't talk specifics about, but anybody that doesn't try it because "I H8 INDIES" is going to miss out on something special.

Enemy2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Yeah Velocity2X will be better than any PSN game in recent memory. The first one even got a 9 from Edge.

nX2493d ago

I think it's okay, PS Allstars is a must-play and Velocity 2X is pretty good as well. Hoard and Joe Danger aren't bad neither so I don't get the rage. Some seem to forget that if you buy them all separately you'll pay more than a year of PS+.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2493d ago

Just because its Sony it doesnt mean it has to Put out the Best games always. and another thing is Wow crappy games this month big deal its FREE.. dont like it wait for next months Choices damn for me this month is pretty crappy but who cares not like im paying for it its offered free...

If Anything i Think Games with Gold has Made PS+ crappier Sony Looks at the Crappy games microsoft Puts out then Sony just tries to beat it with Decent games lol so much for competition

Torque_CS_Lewith2493d ago

I was wondering how MS would be blamed for this, nicely done PSN-JER

Exari2493d ago

it seems like im one of the few who love this month's games. Ive always wanted to buy ps all star and velocity 2x. also ive been looking for fun games to play with my siblings and this month is the answer,
both ps all star and hoard are 1-4 player online/offline.

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ramiuk12493d ago

its called start of a new generation .
why does this come up every month???
there wont give games away when the gen has just started and i likethe fact there giving a few indies prime space.
xmas time we have a few full retail games i think

SoapShoes2493d ago

I've noticed that it was weak lately. I think they may just be doing that so they can save good stuff for the holidays. They can't afford to offer great new free games year round, that would be expensive.

Dark112493d ago

Yeah Another terrible month.
i'm impressed with how bad it is lol.

dcj05242493d ago

How is it bad though? PSABR, Velocity 2x and sports friend all are fantastic games! Different taste I guess.

come_bom2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Another crap month for PS+ PS4 owners.

As soon as my PS+ account terminates, no renewing for me. I'm done with it.

EDIT. @lifesanrpg
I play my multiplayer games on the PC, so no lost for me. I got PS+ for the PS4 games (which have been quite disappointing).

lifesanrpg2493d ago

Hope you don't like playing games online then.

dcj05242493d ago

I still don't see how Strider, Fez, Outlast, Resogun, DriveClub, Sports friends, and Towerfall ascension are all dissapointing but we all have different taste it seems.

fonger082493d ago

I agree, as an owner of the vita, ps3, and ps4, there was a point in time (especially last year and year before) where it seemed like every Tuesday was like Christmas. Now there may be one game between the three that I might want to try out and play, last months was Dragon Crown, Sly Cooper the month before that. Don't get me wrong it's extremely hard for me to even think about complaining about something that's been so awesome for so long. I've just noticed myself becoming less and less excited each month now.

GTgamer2493d ago

PS4-PS3-PSViTa Threeeeeeee platforms games for each that's value regardless of how you look at it I think you guys really became spoiled especially the ones asking for free AAA games on PS4 at the start of a generation and tbh it isn't a terrible month if you have a Vita since so many of the games are cross buy on PS+ in September so Vita got some love next month, anyway PS+ gives great discounts on games especially on the PS3 but if you guys keep forgetting that Sony Has to give free games for all three of their platforms which explains why the past months haven't been the best for PS+ but I'm pretty sure PS+ will take off again especially with competition from GWG.

DVAcme2493d ago

Notice that we're nearing the 1-year mark for the PS4. My guess is that we'd been getting a few mediocre games, cause Sony is saving that money to finally give us AAA titles for the PS4's anniversary.

And yeah, this month's been slim pickings, but Joe Danger is super fun, and Velocity 2X is AWESOME, almost like a current-gen The Guardian Legend.

ABizzel12493d ago


PSASBR, Horde, Velocity, and Joe Danger are all good games. AAA games no, but still good games.

Not every month can be golden, but these are still good offerings.

Gamer19822493d ago

Since they are forcing us to pay for ps+ to play online for ps4 they don't need to give us good games so they aren't it seems. Since I switched to PS4 seems I have paid £35 for Resogun so far.. They need to entice you on PS3 so you get much better games as its free to play online.

slivery2493d ago

My question is wtf is wrong with you people always complaining when this happens. If you seriously thought when you bought PS+ you were going to get the best damn games around every single month you had the wrong idea about it in the first place.

I mean think how PS+ works and think how many good games their actually are, yea exactly, so it is kind of hard to have the best every single month. Eventually then all you will get is shit on PS+ because they went through all the good games so fast. They have to pace it somehow or it just wouldn't work.

Seriously, last month was pretty decent in my opinion and especially with all the cross buy games you got both on PS3 and Vita, who cares if I played most of them it was still good.

I am not that selfish to where I feel like every month Sony has to cater specifically to me.. I just don't get why people even complain so much about this when PS+ has been incredible for the most part. No one else is offering anything as good and games for gold sure isn't close yet either so give it a god damn break will ya.

ChronoJoe2493d ago

I'm playing Velocity right now, and all I can say is it's worth the hype.

C-H-E-F2493d ago

I'm glad I didn't buy PSASBR on PSvita from amazon with that 10$ sale.. cause I would've been pissed indeed... really looking forward to that platinum :D

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KentBlake2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Worst month in ages (except for Velocity 2x)...I wonder if this will be the first month Games with Gold will be better than PS+. I don't think MS will get a better chance than this one.

CaEsAr-2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Terrible month. Move along people, the smell here stinks.
F&*KING sony and their promises with PS+ was so good, now when they've already sold 10+ million PS4s they don't care.
Just throwing some indie shit all over you.

Sony fan here, always was. But the truth must be told, PS+ offerings are getting worse and worse every month.

MRMagoo1232493d ago

in your opinion they are but other ppl are pretty happy with the games coming, I think you guys should stfu about it anyway they are free, entitled kids now days, and if you arent kids grow the hell up.

slimeybrainboy2493d ago

You obviously haven't thought about this at all. PS+ will not be like it was on the PS3 for a long time. If you expected otherwise you just didn't think at all.

It's the basics of how this industry works, no Sony's fault, what are they going to do, convince Ubisoft to give you Watch Dogs?. Try buying the games you want, don't rely on PS+, it's just a bonus.

S2Killinit2493d ago

Also this is the month that Destiny and Shadow of Mordor arrive, so yeah, they aren't going to give a full retail that will take people's time. But Velocity is actually a good pick for those that don't know.

LazyGoron2493d ago


No one thinks about the "climate" of the games industry in a given month. Destiny is HUGE for PS4 and PS3, they're not going to release another semi-big AAA game on either platform as that might be competition for their big horse (even if it's small).

They released a first party game (battle royale) as that is a pretty big game that doesn't compete (genre-wise) with Destiny, releasing this game won't detract from PS3 Destiny sales.

Obviously the PS4 titles have to be indie's/online only games as the library isn't built up enough to give us AAA games yet. I think Knack will be the first big game announced for free on PS+ and it's the only reason I won't buy it is because I am 99% sure it's coming free before the end of this year.


gfk3422493d ago

Very good observation! And hopefully this is the explanation for giving a poor lineup.

However, I observed a trend in the PS+ games, and unfortunately is not an upward trend.

SuperBlunt2493d ago

Bullsh it. We get velocity for free!? Thats frigging crazy!!!