Polygon, Kotaku Revise Their Policies Amidst Controversy

Two of gaming's biggest websites have decided to alter their policies about how writers and journalists are allowed to interact with developers within the gaming industry field. The change follows from a very strong outburst from the gaming community for more transparency.

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Mikelarry2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

nothing i mean nothing will ever change my mind about those two sites. i have always doubted any news/ articles posted by them and this zoe quinn fiasco just confirmed my suspicions about how shoddy they are. i avoid them like the plague they are

Blacktric2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

Funny thing is; Kotaku just added a crappy little disclaimer to the past articles of the other "writer" who covered her girlfriend's games in the past on Kotaku and promoted the download/purchase links on said articles, instead of firing her.

And the only contribution she's made to that site was writing ridiculous articles like "I Yelled "I raped you" in Gears Of War And I'll Never Do It Again" or "Game X is sexist Because of Y".

And here are her the screencaps of some of her past articles, in which she promoted her girlfriend's games, before the edit;

NewMonday2447d ago

this scandal just shades the surface of the behind the scense practices of Polygon and Kotaku

-Foxtrot2447d ago

I don't get how she became a writer, wasn't she just a usual commenter on that site. She appeared out of nowhere.

CaptainPunch2447d ago

I wonder what her qualifications even are, she's not a good writer.

TekoIie2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )


Those are pretty damning to Kotaku's Integrity.

Isn't Stephen Totilo the head of Kotaku? Seems like the guy has no control over standards he himself has set in place.

3-4-52447d ago

@Foxtrot - We all KNOW how she became a writer there.

nX2447d ago

^I think we all know exactly HOW she got to be a writer for Kotaku *cough*
These two sites are the worst and most people avoided them for years, Polygon and Kotaku shouldn't exist if you ask me.

JC_Denton2447d ago

I personally just love how CinemaBlend, the most shamelessly click-bait centered news website I've ever seen, is the one posting about this.

Pianist2447d ago

Interesting development.

Polygon's (paid) bias is widely known by now.

Kotaku has stopped being a gaming website for a while now.

But it's hardly just them. Remember the Microsoft-Machinima deal?

It's safe to say this doesn't end with them. Who knows how many more shady deals, personal agenda, and questionable relations are there?

Dee_912446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

So they decided to make it harder for people to spot their "journalist" writing articles with a conflict of interest by telling these unloyal journalist to disclose any prior relationship as if they haven't shown they have no integrity, and chances of them actually disclosing such information is slim to none.. instead of actually punishing them to make an example.. right.. This fixes everything.
Staying away from the sites, and the shotty indie devs that got them around their fingers.. I just don't get it.. Indie Devs and journalist should be more outraged than the gamers about this.. but all they are trying to do is wipe it under the rug..
They are too busy portraying all gamers as hooligans that do nothing harass developers to actually recognize the wrong they are doing..

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3-4-52447d ago

Polygon, if you've noticed the past 2-3 months, almost every article they have on N4G, is "hits" & "flame bait" type of articles.

Polygon has NO Integrity.

We'll see if that changes.

Somnipotent2447d ago

Polygon = The Fox News of gaming "journalism".

Keltech2447d ago

Sponsored by Microsoft Xbox Juan. Now only $399

SilentNegotiator2447d ago

More like the MSNBC of gaming "journalism"...both of which were the creation of Microsoft funding.

Somnipotent2447d ago

@SilentNegotiator... ahh, good catch my friend, good catch!

iamnsuperman2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

"Opposite of Kotaku, Polygon will not be shutting down their writers' ability to contribute financially to those working within the gaming industry while also writing about their projects"

So are Polygon even changing their policies? There the one website that needs to try the most considering how they were created. Disclosing is one thing but how can anyone read an article and think the author is being sincere if the are funding the game's development through third party means (patreon). That right there is a conflict of interest. What gibbons run these sites

thekhurg2447d ago Show
Mr Pumblechook2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

Polygon and Kotaku are two websites that the gamer public are already distrustful of. Their inaction against their staff highlights their desire to protect their favourites rather than being unbias and professional. The danger is that with this philosophy it will affect their game coverage.

Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo should stand down or Gawker should fire him.
He has no scruples - when the relationship of his writer came to light he pushed his readers' concerns aside and stood by his buddy. When a bit of pressure came on him he is now banning Patreon donations but not reprimanding the writer. He could do more but he didn't because he shows preferences to those he likes. This affects his brand of 'journalism.' He has shown himself in awe of one particular console manufacturer. Just tune in to the reviews of E3 press conferences and he is always pouring one company's games and celebrating the other, downgrading one and upgrading the other.

Polygon is Kotaku 2.0 on heat.
The website has a special history with one hardware manufacturer. The worry is that if their editorial doesn't see that danger in these close relationships between their staff and the people and games they are writing about it means that they could equally be influenced when they write about games or grade them.

This is a grubby business and partisan websites that care more for nepotism than honesty cast a shadow over the entire industry.

LordMaim2447d ago

I doubt that they could, otherwise any coverage related to Microsoft would have a substantial disclosure that would be tagged to every article. It would be difficult for anyone to believe they could be impartial under the circumstances.

Ultraplayerxp2447d ago

So Polygon makes a major business changing decision not to change their busines.

gj Polygon.

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Godmars2902447d ago

The "biggest"? More like controversial since one is commonly known to have accepted over $200K from a game company, while the other was already known for sensationalism. For apparently making up sources then hiding behind "journalistic integrity" in order to "protect" said made up source. Of making mistakes then either refusing to apologize or pretend they never happened.

chrissx2447d ago

Kotaku and Polygon, Clown ass sites

shammgod2447d ago

these two sites are dead to me

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