Why Does The Media Bash Video Games

Since the release of Grand Theft Auto 4 the mainstream media has been bashing video games saying that they are dumbing down and making our children violent. This is true only because parents have no idea what the ESRB is. Parents are the ones to blame in this situation not the gaming industry. It has on the front of each games case a rating. They range from E for everyone, T for teen, and M for mature. On the back of the case there is also a box that says the reason that game is rated what it is.

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Syko3805d ago

Fear Mongering seems to be the weapon of choice in American Politics. Hence the shameful policies since 9/11. No more than political tools really. Sad considering 98% of the people bashing have never held a controller.

Jinxstar3805d ago

If only people would educate themselves on games...

Shmammy3805d ago

Very very true. Everybody always listens to what the news says about how video games are the "devil." Thats why they have ratings!