Is Guillermo del Toro a good fit for Silent Hills?

GameZone's Joe Donato: "Out of the three names attached to Silent Hills, Guillermo del Toro is, bizarrely, the one I’m the most confused by. Compared to names like Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus, del Toro seems like the perfect fit for a horror game filled with strange creatures. That said, for a variety of reasons, I’m not entirely sure he’s the best fit for Silent Hill."

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equal_youth2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

his creature effects are always awesome in his movies so i think he has a great hand for that. i would like to know what he has to do in the development progress.

i would even like to know if he had anything to do with the P.T. Demo or if he is just involved in developing the main game.

HanzoHattori2493d ago

All you need is a vivid imagination. Del Toro and Kojima have this quality, and it shows in P.T. Until you've actually played P.T., you'll never understand the point of this post.

Jdoki2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I'm getting really tired of these half-assed negative articles. Where has the positivity gone? It seems people get hyped for a handful of games, and everything else (actually, including the hyped games) gets a huge number of detracting arguments.

The author raises three points...

1. del Toro creates amazing creatures... Bbbbut...

2. He Directed Hellboy and Pacific Rim!!

3. And he has previously tried to get games created, but they failed...

The author could have at least checked imdb for info... del Toro has been Executive / Producer on The Orphanage, Mama, Don't be afraid of the Dark and Splice. (These are just the horror movies he was involved in I have seen, there are plenty more thrillers / horror on his list)

Whilst none of these films were amazing, it shows that del Toro has an interest in unusual / atmospheric horror.

He directed Hellboy because he loved the comics - he didn't create Hellboy so what bearing does that have on this. Pacific Rim is his take on Kaiju, big deal.

And as for his previous games getting canned... Surely we should take the fact he has tried to get his own games created as a good thing. It shows he is in to games and makes it unlikely that he is just getting his name plastered on Silent Hills for marketing.

Finally, a bit of research on Silent Hills would also make it clear that Kojima has been talking to some of the most messed up Directors of Asian horror around.

So all in all, I don't see a need for a negative article. especially one with so little research.