Kazunori Yamauchi on developing PS4 Gran Turismo and a non-GT game

Yamauchi wants to convey the ideas of life and death as a human.

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jobboy2483d ago

omega boost was nice....played it and enjoyed so much

Inception2482d ago

Omega Boost for PS4 would be awesome. Kaz could use a small team of PD x Japan Studio to make a sequel / remake of Omega Boost while he and the rest continue to make GT 7.

I mean, beside Gundam and Armored Core, we definitely lack of mecha games on console. There's no sign of new ZoE, Front Mission, and Virtual On series so we can assume they are dead >.<

bouzebbal2482d ago

if that's supposed to be Yamauchi on the picture it's a complete FAIL..

I would love me some Tourist Trophy 2 on PS4

sonarus2482d ago

lol @ pic fail
I want to see GT game for PS4. GT remains sonys highest selling franchise and i think we need to see a new GT game with better online racing than the crap from GT5. Better grapics and more realism are a must but would be nice to see damage too

bouzebbal2482d ago

@sonarus: highest selling or not it's for sure one of the most loved franchises and we definitely want more of it.

Inception2482d ago

Lol no, that's definitely not Kazunori Yamauchi

This one is Kaz

Tourist Trophy 2 would be cool, but i want PD to revisit Omega Boost or other genre like RPG or action

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C-H-E-F2482d ago

All he needs to do is add engine swaps,drive train swaps, more cosmetic upgrades, more liveries, "user generated liveries", interior color customization... I bet that'd be the highest selling GT. I love GT been playing it since playstation, but the stale customization makes it a bit boring said after that 10million dollar mark.

also Omega Boost was my game whew... bring that to PS4/Vita man :D

equal_youth2483d ago

so that could be counted as another ps4 exclusive or what? i love how all the devs like to jump on board and develop for ps4.

tanookisuit2482d ago

Oh, it's definitely happening, lol. Just a matter of "when".

Of course, the usual answer to that is "when it's ready"...

Matt6662482d ago

GT7 better have vast improvements

HeWhoWalks2482d ago

Going from PS3 to PS4 - why wouldn't it?

Matt6662481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

how did I get four disagrees for pointing out something I saw, I will never understand some people (on the link)

Ninver2482d ago

No need to fret fellow gamer. If anyone is gonna push the ps4 it's definitely the Kaz and the PD team.

MrSec842482d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if it's the best looking and sounding racer to be released on consoles when it finally drops.

Looking at the jump from PS2 to PS3 the game should have vast visual improvements.
New sound engineers are a part of the the staff that was added to PD recently.

GT6 was already running at 1440X1080, hitting 60FPS some of the time, so the extra power of PS4 over PS3 can be mainly used for graphics and physics, with only a little of it being needed to make the jump to a full 1920X1080, with a solid 60FPS.

By the sound of things the game will likely release next year as well, as Yamauchi said last September that the game will be released 1 to 2 years from then.
Seems likely TGS or even Sony's September 1st event will be where we'll see the game for the 1st time.

RevXM2482d ago

First and foremost I would like for better damage/crash physics and less invisible walls where there are no fences.
Getting 1.5 meters outside the road and hit an invisible wall kind of breaks immersion.

Chrash/damage physics are nice to add to the realism and immersion not to mention it is a good penalty for failing an overly reckless move on the track. I hate when people enter a corner in super speed and bounce off of me.

It would also be nice to have less or no "standard" cars this time and the same goes for the tracks. Some of the old returning tracks in Gt5 just looked upscaled and new tracks looked real at times.

More customization could be nice for some cars to change them into RWD or AWD and swap fitting engines etc all together and a tad bit more supercharging options.

Like say the vw golf to choose and swap between the 4Cyl and VR6 or diesel options. Front or all wheel drive, and install bi-turbo. Perhaps even fit the R36 in a golf and bi-turbo charge it. not as dramatic as putting in anything you want like a Chevy big block or the W12 from the Touareg or something but at least different GOLF engines right? ranging from decent to high end like 1.8L4C to R32.

Is there any proper wheels for the PS4? I have a G27 but I hear it is not compatible at the moment and may never be cause of some proprietary chip that is in new wheels to make them Ps4 compatible. Fail to see why that would be necessary, Sony could surely patch in support. So I hope they do.

WeAreLegion2482d ago

Damage and crashing aren't really that feasible. They can't do much to the cars due to concerns from the manufacturer. Ferrari doesn't want their cars being destroyed. Without being able to monitor the game, cars with bad safety ratings could take the same damage as cars with great safety ratings. It's all about public perception and legal bullcrap.

HeWhoWalks2482d ago

Nope. There will still be vast improvements.

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Nodoze2482d ago

I thought it was just me, that is definitely not Kaz.

MegaRay2482d ago

That was the author's pic lol

XtraTrstrL2482d ago

The visuals in this game should be insane.