Top 15 Best Xbox One Games of 2014 So Far

GamingSoFar: Here are the 15 best Xbox One video games of 2014 so far. Most of them have been released and few is coming. Hold the list inside.

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Gamer7772493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Stupid list; many of the games listed haven't been released yet.
Edit: Miss read the headline (which has grammatical some errors)
I still think the list is stupid.

Gamer7772493d ago

I made some grammatical errors myself lol.

thorstein2493d ago

Even worse it is just cut and paste jobs from IGN. This entire piece and others by this site are plagiarized.

ATi_Elite2493d ago

What No Gears and No Halo, and NO Crackdown = bull crap list

Seriously next time use games that we can actually play RIGHT now on the XB1 and not Q4 releases.

ForgottenProphecy2493d ago

don't title it "So Far" if some of the games haven't released yet

user3672722493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

These are my top 15 games for XB1 owners in 2014 and it covers every genre possible. Possibly the best combination of third Party and first party games on any console in 2014.

Plant vs Zombie GW
KI Season 2
NBA 2k15
Forza Horizon 2
Sunset Overdrive
COD Advanced Warfare
Assassins Creed Unity
Far Cry 4
Dragon Age
Shadow of Mordor

avengers19782493d ago

Evolve got delayed till 2015

Spotie2493d ago

Like the article, there's a problem when your list of "best of" includes a healthy dosing of unreleased titles. I count at least eight such games on your list... plus DLC that isn't even standalone.

DougLord2493d ago

There are not 15 good games out for Xbox. F5, DR3, and TF are good exclusives. KI is a fun distraction. AC, COD, BF, Madden, NBA, D3, Metro, WD might be good games but they are multiplatform. I'm an Xbox fan but this list is ridiculous.

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