Media Create software sales (8/18 – 8/24)

Media Create's latest games software sales from Japan include Last of Us: Remastered, Diablo III, and Bullet Girls first week sales.

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Metallox2494d ago

Hyrule Warriors dropped the ball after one week...

All_Consoles2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

85,000 units after about 10 days is honestly not that bad for a dynasty warriors game. I feel it will do better in North America though

Knushwood Butt2494d ago

There is a, 'full week', of Hyrule Warriors sales.

Not bad for TLOU.

Ashraf892494d ago

Healthy numbers for TLoU: =)

ritsuka6662494d ago

Man the japanese market is dead. Sad...

Melankolis2494d ago

Compared to the days of PS2 when many games easily reach hundred thousands to 1 million copies in their first weeks, i wonder how the developers/publishers in Japan still survive these days...

DCfan2494d ago

Who cares if they're still profiting?

MSBAUSTX2493d ago

They are making money. They just aren't making the amount they used to. Games are becoming every day rehashes of the same concepts seen over and over again. Only a small handful of games reach epic sales numbers each year. Destiny will be one of those games. Mario Kart 8 was one of those games. Halo Master Chief Collection and Halo 5 will be one of those games. Other than that it will only be 2 or 3 each console that will reach the sales figures we used to see all the time. Economies are suffering around the entire world right now.

I am much more picky than I used to be about games. I set a particular type of game or genre I really like and purchase maybe three or four a year for each of my consoles. Back when the cost of living was less and I was making exactly what I am now, I could afford to buy twice as many games as I do now. Now I find myself only purchasing 2 or three at launch and the rest I pick way later when their prices have dropped. A lot of people are doing this now. Japan has been through some economical issues just like we have. Their gaming sales numbers reflect that. Back when the PS2 came out and Xbox and Wii, we were all rolling fat. Times have changed though man. May be a huge reason why the Hand Held market is doing so well in Japan and world wide for that matter. It is because they are cheaper and have cheaper games that are still incredibly fun to play.