Resident Evil HD Remaster gets spine-chilling new screens

Capcom has exhumed a rotting new batch of Resident Evil HD Remaster screenshots for your consumption.

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johny52483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

How the heck did they not get this to have a full 16:9 aspect ratio, instead cropping it? If they where redoing the art style I don't see how in a modern 3D remaster, they couldn't do it? Even emulators can do that!

I call Bull****!

vishmarx2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )


need i say more?
the same guys who own devil may cry, monster hunter, resident evil and megaman.
one got outsourced , one got nintendoed , one turned into a multiplayer action fiesta and one was just left to die.

loganbdh2483d ago

What in the world are you talking about?

johny52483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

The game is not in a real 16:9 format! It's 16:9 cropped!

I've played this game on Dolphin in true widescreen and played like that just fine, with a few glitches and missing art, but nothing they couldn't have fixed themselves during the remaster process? They call this a "remaster" for a reason!

I don't see how they could have not have gotten this game to run in a true 16:9 aspect ratio, unless they didn't want to do the extra work?

Then in that case, why do this remaster in the first place if it's only a resolution bump with a few graphical changes?

Oh yeah, CAPCOM!

DevilishSix2483d ago

Well John concerning your comment on the 16:9 aspect my guess is that this is a cheap remaster. In other words, Capcom is in financial trouble and are probably not spending alot on this remaster and are hoping on great sales to maximize profits and help their situation. Thats just a guess but I think its solid reasoning.

dieger2483d ago

This better show alot of f***ing improvement by launch or include a RE2 remaster as im not paying $60 for this.

DevilishSix2483d ago

Not to put this game or effort down as I am excited about it, but with so many gamers and journalists complaining about recent remasters......this one is the's a remaster of a remaster and I see noone complaining about it.

CorndogBurglar2483d ago

You see no one complaining about it? Every article i see about this game has tons of people complaining about it.

Nerdmaster2483d ago

Actually, it's a remaster of a remake. And the remake itself was very good. Fantastic, actually. It showed the world how a remake should be done.

So although I agree that we are fed up with all the remasters, this remaster is not really the remaster of another remaster.

DevilishSix2483d ago

Ok remaster of a remake, it still sounds funny and maybe I don't scan on this site enough but I haven't seen any articles talking about this title being an unnecessary remaster like other recent games have gotten. All I have seen is articles stating Capcom made a good choice to remaster this particular game, which seems so hypocritical to me.

gillri2483d ago

A remaster of a remake you mean

loganbdh2483d ago

@johny5 it's impossible for you to play this game in true wide screen...(I understand dolphin and I use it frequently) this game is really developed for only 4:3 format. The Wii version also had the 4:3 format but had a 16:9 stretched as well. Its only Resident Evil 0 that was truly made with the Intended purposes of widescreen so that's the only Resident Evil game on the gamecube you that had the widescreen format. I can't believe how the internet bashes Resident Evil for not having a wide screen resolution when they didn't have the resolution in the first place.