Grab It's Top 5 Steam Early Access Indie Games

"We might be focused on iOS here at Grab It – at least for the meantime – but the strength of indie games in our current marketplace is getting stronger and stronger across all formats. With it the list of Early Access games available on Steam keeps on growing just like it does on the App Store. However, Early Access requires a measure of trust and blind faith on the part of the player. So to help separate the best from the herd, we have made this video as a summary of some of the best games available now on Steam Early Access, and why you should check them out.

They're all available now, and definitely worth a look. Oh, and if you have an iPad, be sure to check out an episode of Grab It, too, for your iOS indie gaming fix." - Grab It

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SlappingOysters2484d ago

Awesome video, and awesome choice of games. I just went from not caring to amped on each of them.

CoyoteHunter2484d ago

This is awesome! I really like this idea given how easy it can be to lose the true gems amongst the rubbish. Great choices

Cookiebex2484d ago

These games look pretty rad already. Such a great collection.

Splatterpus2484d ago

Great video, nice selection of games. Keep it up!

Agent_hitman2483d ago

I've downloaded the indie game called Unturned.. It's a good game and very similar to Minecraft in many areas.