AT&T: Internet Data Caps, Overage Fees 'Inevitable'

via Shacknews:

"Following Time Warner's announcement that it plans to meter internet usage in North America, telecom corporation AT&T revealed that it is considering a similar plan to charge consumers extra for exceeding internet usage caps.

Company spokesman Michael Coe explained to the Associated Press that the top 5 percent of AT&T's DSL customers consume 46% of its total bandwidth, and overall usage is doubling every year and a half.

"A form of usage-based pricing for those customers who have abnormally high usage patterns is inevitable," Coe said, adding that AT&T has not yet decided on any specific plans or fees for its subscription packages.

While relatively common overseas, capped internet subscription programs have been rather scarce in the United States, and are likely to concern some gamers.

An HD movie downloaded from Microsoft's online Xbox Live Marketplace typically weighs in at 4.5GB, and demos of upcoming games can be in excess of a full gigabyte in size. Select PC games available on Valve's digital distribution platform Steam exceed 4GB."

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BubblesDAVERAGE3778d ago

i would join the company the company that does off no cap..this would be bad for all my dl

pharmd3778d ago

yeah.... i dont even dl excessively but regardless, they cant offer a service and then charge you extra for using it, thats preposterous!!

GIJeff3778d ago

i think the government/ISPs need to be more strict against piracy, while still allowing users who download legally to do so freely. This could negatively impact the virtual world, sorry, WILL negatively impact. How are they going to force us to download all these snazzy banner ads and charge us extra for it? Im going to sue ASAP.

SUP3R3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Where's your digital distribution future now?
As long as you have to rely on ISP's, you're going to run into these type of issues.
Bandwidth aint' cheap.
As easy as it is to say, "the future is digital distribution" ISP's definitely aren't seeing it that way.
Physical media isn't being phased out anytime soon.

wAtdaFck3778d ago

As long as theres a cap on download limits, I agree, Digital Distribution will be something to avoid. You not only pay for the content, but you have to pay the internet provider for going over your download limit. Staying with physical mediums would be a more viable option, so as to stay away from unwanted fines and charges.

heavyarms3778d ago

is this crap legal, can they do that? I guess i will be looking for a provider with no cap. I game a lot and i download a lot of stuff and yes i do pay for my downloads.

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The story is too old to be commented.