Moore: EA will abandon its Big label

Peter Moore, head of EA Sports' division, has said that the EA Big label will 'go away' in an interview with Xbox World.

The EA Sports Big label encompasses titles such as FIFA Street, NBA Street Homecourt and NFL Tour. Yet it seems EA will be abandoning that brand of games, as it doesn't fit in with their long term plans.

"EA Big will go away," he says. "It will eventually disappear and it's actually had a longer shelf life in Europe than it has over here. Big as a label is a little restricted. It's action sports, it's extreme sports - you think of SSX and the Street games. We needed a broader platform to go forward."

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Silogon3782d ago

no big loss. SSX was the only game I bought under it and after part 1 they all sucked and sucked really bad. Oh, wait, that wasn't the games sucking it was EA.

PoSTedUP3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )


thats madd fu*ked up!!!

i was waiting for SSX trickey2!!

o well, ill make my own snowboarding game : )

nah but that really blows man..

i Fing loved SSX trickey.

GiantEnemyCrab3782d ago

Well if you get rid of the Big team you better continue to make the SSX franchise and not that SSX On Tour garbage, go back to SSX3 style.

Outside of Madden the EA BIG games are the only ones I buy. Well, less money from me EA because your "sim" type games suck. I am giving Madden one more chance this year and if it doesn't improve greatly over that 08 garbage I am done with EA sports games.

PoSTedUP3782d ago

i agree, but i like SSX tricky the best, i still cant belive this sh*t, i was looking sooooo forward to SSX trickey2, that sh*t just shut me down yo. im thinking about boycotting their games eaBIG time.

matter in fact, f*** ea, who needs em.

Mikelarry3781d ago

why would ea do this. this was me looking forward to another ssx for the next gen systems. now i have got to settle for that crap wats his face game "shaun white" please oh well i just keep playing my old ssx but EA has really messed up with this move

Mr Blings3781d ago

Are about the only two games left that I still like from ea...Peter your the man, but u just dun F'ked up.

Jack Bauer3781d ago

dang that sucks... ea big was prolly their best label... i loved games like ssx and nba street...

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The story is too old to be commented.