NHL 15 PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison

Watch a new video showing a graphics comparison between the PS4 and Xbox One version of NHL 15.

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Webbyy2494d ago

Really, you can tell a difference?

Oh wait, sorry i missed the troll face :-p

Magicite2494d ago

sports games have never looked great.

MeliMel2493d ago

Lol...Fifa 14, MLB The Show, NBA2K14, the new Madden say hello...

claudionmc2493d ago


FIFA 14 in xbox one looks almost identical to FIFA 14 in xbox360...

EA Ignite is the biggest fraud of the next-gen

brandonb212494d ago

the only difference i seen was the visors of the helmets towards the end of the video seem to have a better lighting effect on ps4

mcstorm2494d ago

That is the only bit I noticed too but they were also 2 different animations from the players so this may of been why. If they were doing the same thing they may of been the same.

That said well done EA for getting the game to look more or less the same on both consoles.

I have played the Demo and im still not sold on the EA NHL games. Think I may play it a bit more to see if it can make me want to buy it.

KiwiViper852493d ago

Agree. The xbox one visors look really hard to see out of.

MegaDan2494d ago

Its a known fact PS4 multiplats look slightly better, no point for comparisons. The only one's that would disagree with this are delusional fanboys.

MRMagoo1232494d ago

It's EA any way they always go for parity, they even say that themselves.

JeffGUNZ2494d ago

The demo was such a let down. Overpowered CPU and the 4-5 instant passes like they are the harlem globtrotters on skates to lead to an instant goal is ridiculous. They made this game sound like it was actually going to play like hockey, but it's still nothing like the actual game. The CPU never dumps and chase, my team always does the same move up ice, never takes advantage of open ice or anticipates plays, it's just the same mediocre gameplay with a pretty dress on.

I grew up on the ice and hockey has always been a huge part of my life. To see them advertise this game to be an NHL sim and it play nothing like ACTUALLY hockey annoys me.

Lastly, I am a diehard Ranger fan, grew up in New York, went to thousands of games. The fact that EA spent so much time mirroring arenas to be real, how on earth are you going to give me a pop song after I score a goal as opposed to the rangers goal song? You think they would have added the arena signature goal song, how amazing would that be? Nope, we get some generic BS song. I'm so let down by this game, thank God Destiny is coming out the same day.

Boody-Bandit2493d ago

Damn Jeff
+well said

No need for a review. You just locked it down.
Same game. Prettier wrapper. Disappointing.

JeffGUNZ2493d ago

Thanks man, appreciate it.

Kribwalker2493d ago

Any difference is completely negligible. They look pretty much identical

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The story is too old to be commented.