Amazon: The Next Big Gaming Powerhouse

Amazon are now making their presence felt in another market – gaming. Though still a work-in-progress, Amazon descended on this path a few years ago with the acquisition of Reflexive Entertainment back in 2008. Then three years ago, the e-commerce giant launched their ‘App Store’ as a marketplace for mobile games and applications. They have even integrated a digital store to purchase and download games into their existing CMS.

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reddevilandy102487d ago

Well, they definitely can't make phones. So they might as well try their hand at consoles.

Macdaddy712487d ago

They need to make apps n books for consoles n not gaming consoles, having a Brick with buttons for a controller not for me, I have the 3 systems I want alone with my Tablets n phones, I don't see it selling!!!!
If you do release it hope it's more open use then the Kindle fire

saadd202486d ago

Amazon should revive Dreamcast!

Spotie2486d ago

Do they have any game developing studios? Kinda think they need that.