World of Diving Devs Would 'Jump On' Xbox One VR Kit 'Immediately'

VRFocus - With Oculus VR continuing to advance virtual reality (VR) technology with its Oculus Rift VR head-mounted display (HMD) and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) following suit with its Project Morpheus VR HMD, much talk as been made of when Microsoft will get on board with the technology. Recent rumours have suggested that, while the company is actively pursuing VR, it’s still behind in comparison to the other two. Whenever that kit does arrive, Vertigo Games will be there to support it with World of Diving.

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christocolus2494d ago

Nice to know. Panzer dragoon orta and breakdown are two games from the original xbox that would be great with VR. would Halo be a good fit too? Maybe

equal_youth2493d ago

so they would do the port if microsoft would give them a devkit and a vrkit? höhöhö/s

Dannylew2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

In august 28 2014... Microsoft annunced that the company now is full capable of producing very nice Printers...

just for example.. VR Tech like oculus or Morpheus just to "sell" another piece of unusable hardware like kinect 1/2...

good microsoft... continue in this way... soon or later i really hope you close... "i really really hope".

SouthClaw2493d ago

You wish for people to lose their jobs. Nice. You are a lovely person.

tgunzz2493d ago

Why would you hope MS close???

TardcoreGamer2487d ago

X1 would deliver an awful VR experience. 30 and 60FPS are not enough for VR unless you enjoy vomiting.