Sony and Fumito Ueda registered several US patents relating to The Last Guardian

Have been leaked at this time of the documents relating to patents registered in the "United States Patent and Trademark Office" dell'attessisimo The Last Guardian.

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bicfitness2484d ago

It refuses to die. Some powerful necromamcers over at Sony HQ.

daggertoes832484d ago

That or they like hanging this over our head all the time.

sonarus2484d ago

this game is not a game i care for much anymore. Particularly if its released on ps3 even less reason to care.

That being said Fumito Ueda in my opinion was responsible for 2 of the most original and creative games to come out on PS2. There is potential for good stuff.

Sony should consider remaking shadow of the collosus only WAY BIGGER particularly in the depth department so its not just boss fights. Tied together with an excellent story i think it could make a great great game but it might lose some of the quality of the original in the process.

andibandit2484d ago

As several people already said in the comments, this patent was submitted back in 2012.
AFAIK Ueda has publicly said he hasn't really been working on TLG(2014)

UltraNova2483d ago


SotC is the legend it is today because it was 'just boss fights'

Its perhaps the only game I would never ever change anything at all from it.

Its pure feeling...

Kurisu2484d ago

"Please be exci-"

Oops, wrong game!

Baccra172484d ago

I heard they were able to nab Abdul Alhazred before everyone else.

kowan2483d ago

That's because it's already dead on the Ps3 but not so on another platform. They wasted years trying to develop it on the ps3 only to restart from scratch on the Ps4.

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JohnathanACE2484d ago

Wow maybe we'll finally see this at TGS!

colonel1792484d ago

Actually, it could be likely. Every time there's a patent registered, they show it sooner rather than later. The same thing happened with Entwined.

Kurisu2484d ago

Hopefully there's a new patent for Final Fantasy XV coming soon, then!

Patrick_pk442484d ago

Yoshida said it wasn't likely to be shown at TGS. I'd bet on E3.

-Foxtrot2484d ago

Pretty sure Yoshida is capable of lying

TheFallenAngel2484d ago

Maybe they don't want to ruin the surprise and watch the internet meltdown.

fr0sty2484d ago

'cept Shu said it isn't ready to show yet.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2483d ago

Cept he could just be saying that. Announcing your games line up and surprises before your actual conference is pretty dumb IMO.

IIFloodyII2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

We could do, the PS4 isn't doing great over there and it would get a lot of attention. But I think they'll show it at E3, which year that will be though I don't know.

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ArnoDorian2484d ago

I m finding this hard to believe.

equal_youth2484d ago

so i had already some big hopes for tgs but now my hopes are confused and my vision blurred. what the heck. the wait has been too long.

WeAreLegion2484d ago

I'll give you all my money, belongings, and family members, Sony! I will sacrifice my first born! Just let me play it!

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The story is too old to be commented.