Hyrule Warriors: The 1.2.0 update will be available from September 1 in Japan

Koei Tecmo has officially announced that the release of Warriors of Hyrule, which will bring the game to version 1.2.0 will be available on September 1 in Japan.

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MSBAUSTX2488d ago

I have this game preordered and I am buying it day one, but that sword looks stupid. It doesn't fit with the game and this game has really looked more of an adult style since day one. Now they throw something in that doesn't even match the style of the game? I do not like it and I am not happy with Nintendo doing things like this. If a game is more adult then quit trying to throw in stupid kiddie like things from days gone by. It was cute the first couple of times, but now it is ridiculous.

My LOZ games are not supposed to be cute like Mario games. It is my grown up time with Nintendo that I love the most in my LOZ games. That sword looks like a terrible cartoon threw up on his hand. You cant even see his hand because of hoe ridiculously huge the handle of the sword is. Just a little bit of it is poking out the side. It makes the game look cheap. Stop it Nintendo. Just make the game the way you showed us, a serious hack and slash.

Summons752488d ago

Wow, didn't know someone could get so butthurt from devs having a little fun. For someone who claims to love this CHILDRENS game you sure seem to lack the fun that comes with enjoying a game. Chill out, its optional meaning you don't even have to unlock it. It doesn't make the game cheap it adds some humor. Its a GAME made for fun, if you're looking for seriousness go join the debate team or something that has no fun involved.

MSBAUSTX2487d ago

All things in their proper place is what I am saying. The graphics of that sword are cheesy and terrible. You can see part of his hand sticking out of the sword still because it is so freaking huge it engulfs part of his hand. I believe in fluidity of a games theme. The other mode that uses the old style map and then you play the scenario doest put the brand new master sword from new zelda games in old school links hand. It wouldnt fit in with the 8 bit world.

I am only saying that when they do this it further alienates the people who want more hard core experiences on the Wii U because it makes things not seem serious enough. It isnt a cute comedy it is a Warriors/Zelda game! This swords style is like 3D Dot Game Heroes by Atlus on PS3. At keast that game was built around this kind of thing. It worked. I feel it takes away from the experience when they add quirky things like this in.

TomahawkX2487d ago

I guess you'll hate the quest mode which uses 8-bit retro graphics...

MSBAUSTX2487d ago

It only uses those graphics when moving around map mode. But it uses those graphics for that entire portion and then you get to play the areas in the new version graphics. I am saying that should not merge the two. It makes it cheesy.