The scariest villains EVER

There's been a lot of talk over the past few years about how videogames need to provoke more of an emotional response from gamers, and of how the technology is gradually allowing developers the freedom to evoke those responses. But really, videogames have been expertly tapping into one of our most basic emotions for decades: Fear.

Sometimes, all of that fear is inspired by a single character or creature, and when those characters are realized particularly well, throwing down with them can leave players traumatized - but in a good way. In the following pages, GamesRadar recognizes the baddies that scared them the most - and presents video evidence to prove that those villains are just as creepy as they remember.

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Homicide3777d ago

Dr. Salvador is #1? BS. The Bella Sisters and the Regenerators were scarier. Pyramid Head is truly a great character. He's my #1.

sticky doja3777d ago

I have played most all of those games and the ones I know there is no doubt they should be in the top 10. I'm just not sure about the order.

KidMakeshift3777d ago

Does anyone really think Pyramid Head is scary? I just thought he was a pervert (what the hell was he doing to those mannequin monsters) with a urinal on his head.

Picnico3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

There may be scarier villains than Pyramid Head but, in my opinion, he's the most popularly iconic SCARY villain I can think of- that's in any medium, not just videogames.

However Le Chuck from the Monkey Island series is my favourite semi-comical villain.

However, the most truly scary villain to me is another one from Resident Evil 4, and I didn't know why he doesn't get mentioned- Verdugo, a towering alien-like creature with piercing eyes who keeps chasing you in the basement of the castle when you have no ammunition- that's scary!:

MK_Red3777d ago

Their number one is kinda laughable. I would have chosen Mario over that.
Still, it's their list and it's pretty decent. Pyramid Head IMO is the real number one.

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The story is too old to be commented.