Activision CEO talks about this fall's crowded quarter of upcoming games

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg shared his thoughts on the competitive holiday season.

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gamer11382494d ago

Not nearly as crowded as it could have been thanks to delays:
-No Batman
-No Witcher
-No Battlefield Hardline
-No Order 1886

My wallet certainly feels better though I still have these:
-Destiny Ghost Edition
-Alien Isolation
-Shadow of Mordor
-Forza Horizon
-Sunset Overdrive
-Halo MCC
-Ori and the Blind Forest
-COD AW(Not sold entirely just yet)

FullmetalRoyale2494d ago

Totally. I'm on PS4 myself, but totally agree with all the good looking games coming out soon(ish). Ori and the Blind Forest is one I am particularly envious of. ;)

-Destiny(hell yeah)
-Shadow of Mordor
-Driveclub(I'll at least get the ps+ trial version)
I'm super excited that Insomniac is making a true Insomniac game. While I'm sad I cannot play Sunset Overdrive, after Fuse, I'm just elated to see them return to form. ENJOY!
-Dragon Age: My most anticipated of the year for sure.
-COD(I like everything I've seen and will be taking the plunge)

We have a hell of a lot of games coming out in the next six months. Very exciting!