Is PSN ready for Destiny?

Destiny’s only one of a huge number of games that are likely to bring scrutiny to the PSN. With the annual Madden release this week, release season has kicked off – right through the holiday period, gamers are going to be hugely active, and in this day and age a huge proportion of their activity is going to be online.

What makes this incident so concerning is that it isn’t the first time. Sony suffered a series of outages in April 2011 as a result of DDOS activity, shortly before the incident we’ve come to know as “PSNgate”, when hackers broke through Sony’s apparently insufficient security and compromised user details, leading to one of the most extended outages in gaming history at 24 days.

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AceBlazer132483d ago

Well psn has been handling more users than any other console for a while now so instead of grasping at straws how about we wait and see.

gamer11382483d ago

I wouldn't say constant maintaince downtime is PSN handling particularly well. There will be the usual problems over the first couple of days, same on Xbox live but it will smooth out. I'm surprised lizard sec didn't do their ddos attack when destiny launches. That would be a real blow.

MRMagoo1232483d ago

I would hardly call it constant but I guess we can all pretend that is true so you can sleep better tonight, I myself have not had any problems getting online with the ps4 till the ddos attacks, and haven't since it was fixed.

ErcsYou2483d ago

The real question: is Destiny ready for PSN and the Playstation nation?

OrangePowerz2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Constant downtown for maintenance for PSN? That's not unusual to do with datacenters. Just play any MMO and you will see every week server maintenance especially if you want to update things on the server side. Hell, EvE online has every single day server maintenance.

weazle2482d ago

The Lizard people probably also want to play Destiny so it was in their best interest not to bring the network down during that time. LOL. With that being said I hope it doesn't happen again on September 9th. :)

TheSaint2482d ago

Constant? Lol ok, grow up.

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CloudRap2483d ago

Im considering getting the xb1 version for the simple fact that those Lizard Pricks are bound to attack on launch day Ill bet money on that.

OmegaShen2483d ago

You do know they said they plan to attack Xbox right? There is no where to hide from their bs.

OUROSMAG2483d ago

Same goes for xbox one.

dirkdady2483d ago

Lol.. You expect that sort of stupid logic will convince people to flock to buying the Xbox one? No one is buying it got a darn good reason.

Here let me negate your sales pitch by 150% - everyone buy the superior ps4 version of Destiny with better frame rate and exclusive strike missions and timed exclusive map packs and expansions.
Btw - Xbox live is getting hacked and DDos attacked

Threw in the last bit for full disclosure lol

JeffGUNZ2482d ago

@ Omega

LS already attempted to attack Xbox, they caused issues mainly with Diablo III and minor sign in isuses. Luckily, I didn't experience it. LS also tweeted on their official page that they were impressed with Microsofts Infrastructure and gave credit as they were unable to take it down, only make a dent.

When people say Live is better, this is what they should be talking about. PSN is a great service, but MS has been charging for gold so much longer then Sony has been charging for PSN+. MS has had much more funds to make Live the best it could be. Sony's network was down for at least 8 hours. MS had minor issues for close to an hour. A lot of users apparently didn't notice any effects.

Check LS twitter page, you'll see their tweet.

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LackTrue4K2483d ago


if you got your $$$ on an XboxOne, then your "already betting money on it"

CloudRap2483d ago Show
MRMagoo1232483d ago


Mentioning the xbone in this article should get you an offtopic bubble down too because this isnt about the xbone, so stop crying and move along.

joab7772482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Yeah, aside from the big hack, PSN doesn't get enough credit for how well it does actually do, considering the fact that they were not raking in the fees for many years. It's still free on the ps3.

As far as Destiny, they have the advantage of releasing in September...and having had an extensive beta period. Though, my guess is that there will still be issues. It always amazes me how much stress there is on servers when companies already know just about how many will b logging on. Yeah, initially, it's tough when everyone is coming on during the same small window.

Once the 1st 24 hrs pass though, there should b no excuse for any problems. Publishers must know that a smooth launch will translate into even more sales. Games like Cod never have to worry b/c of name recognition alone...though I think those days are weening.

For a new IP like Destiny, it's hype, and the burden it carries, nothing is more important for an always online game, than limited launch network issues.

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Neonridr2483d ago

Is anyone really ready for Destiny??? ;)

PsylentKiller2482d ago

Beat me to it. I don't think I'm ready. I got my PS4 copy paid for a while now. I should be set but, no, I'm not. For some reason, I am debating if I should also buy the Xbox One version as well. I thought the beta was amazing and want to play with everybody. Thank god I don't have my PS3 or 360 anymore, otherwise, I might end up buying four copies.

I just saw that the Xbox One version can possibly be preloaded. Fortunately, you cannot preorder just yet or I would have made my decision already.

Neonridr2482d ago

I am frantically trying to finish TLOU so that I can devote all my time to it. And stupidly, I purchased Metro Redux for the PS4, so that will either have to be shoehorned in there, or it will have to wait for a while.. lol

HanzoHattori2483d ago

For the author and anyone else who thinks an internet connected network can be made invulnerable to outside attacks

user3672722483d ago

Hope PS fans get a good experience on PSN. This is a good test for the PSN network as they did not have game with massive online traffic to deal with in 2014 so far.

isa_scout2483d ago

COD and BF4 would like to have a word with you.

Iceman X2483d ago

Final Fantasy 14, have you heard of it?

MRMagoo1232483d ago

Itll be the same experience as you will have but we will have more content, this fallacy that live is better than psn is just getting stupid now. Its as dumb as saying ps4 has no games yet has more than the competition that launched pretty much at the same time.

Spotie2482d ago

I really have nothing to add, since others have already listed games with pretty high player counts (did Diablo get mentioned?) that would test the system as you imply hasn't happened.

I do wonder, though, why you bother to make comments if they're gonna be so obvious?

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