The Legend of Korra - Screenshots, release date, pro-bending mode explained

The new pro-bend mode explained for The Legend of Korra, latest images and box art revealed

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DesVader2494d ago

Those were screenshots? Wow, it was like looking at a dinkum cartoon.

plut0nash2494d ago

That should be quite a smooth game tbh.

Sillicur2494d ago

Wow, i actually love those graphics!

bitedabullet212494d ago

maybe im missing something but did we get a avatar game with aang? why korra

ChickeyCantor2494d ago

Korra is still in progress, so it's more recent.

Last air bender had its time. It's simply not directly relevant anymore.

LAWSON722494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Avatar was so relevant it got a new series. It is far from irrelevant. Fans don't just disappear.

ChickeyCantor2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


Comprehensive reading is not your strongest skill, or is it?

I said "not directly relevant". Last Air bender got games when it was still airing. Back when it was in its prime. That show is simply pushed back in favor of their NEW show. Obviously Nickelodeon wants to cash in on something recent rather something of the past. It's only the natural order of how trends are set.

It really isn't hard to grasp. And your "fans don't just disappear" is even more irrelevant. No one can really act surprised about this.

Artista 2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

I know right? I would have loved if aang got this treatment.

But I'm glad we're getting a proper avatar game at all.

HanCilliers2494d ago

Also keen for this, love the style, love the gameplay