Polygon, Kotaku Outed By Gamers, Forced To Revise Some Policies… Good

One Angry Gamer "After all the kicking and screaming and shouting, it’s finally starting to happen… a movement is finally starting to take effect. You asked for it and it’s starting to happen. Gamers took to the streets of the interwebs and scuffled around in the filthy trash of the gaming outlets that are supposed to represent the interests of the community, and they uncovered enough dirt to finally make the ivory tower bend like a tree in the wind."

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kayoss2484d ago

Finally! Justice has been served. Wait... What the hell is this article about? All I see is polygon and kotaku and my mind goes straight to , "they deserved it".

WilliamUsher2484d ago

A small victory, but gamers need to keep the pressure on. Exposure is the key.

Hopefully more sites will put their own take on it.

morganfell2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )


However... They made a statement and now will return to their originally scheduled programming.

The issues with these sites are founded in the personalities of the senior individuals. Nothing will change at either of these worthless shill-fest outlets.

bmf73642484d ago

Can't believe I'm saying this, but keep supporting 4chan's actions on this endeavor.

Eonjay2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

For those just going the broadcast, just watch this video to get caught up:

Also if you just want to see Phil Fish verbally destroyed go to 16:50.

Deadpool6162483d ago

Action are better than words within a policy. Then again, they've screwed up beyond the point of no return in many people's eyes.

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incendy352484d ago

Wait, so the internet is upset that people so obsessed with gaming that they made it their career are backing games via kickstarter funding? My goodness, people are so silly.

Gohadouken2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Or you didnt even try to understand the subject at hand . you're the one being silly . You could have just asked like below

overrated442484d ago

You can ask ANY video game "journalist" what made them start writing about games and it's always that they wanted to be a journalist first and gaming is in the top 5. People want to write. I wouldn't say they got their jobs because they are "obsessed" with games, though there may be examples of that. Gaming journalists mostly wanted to be authors and fell in to their positions writing about games.

TheBurger292484d ago

Thing about this that is amazing is that all gamers are together on this. No ps4 fanboy this or xbox fanboy that! All gamers coming together to put down this crap!

gamerfan09092484d ago

I have no background knowledge of any of this. Can someone give me the sparknotes of why this is so controversial?

Tetsujin2484d ago

In short, some of the writers were given "services" to give fixed scores on reviews.

gamerfan09092484d ago

What kind of services? Money? Cause if that's the case then that is called payola and that's against the law. I doubt these sites would admit to that.

Tetsujin2484d ago

One was for sexual favors, the other I'm not too clear on.

MasterCornholio2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

So now developers are banging critics just to get higher review scores?

That's revolting.

demonddel2483d ago

Wait what they was given money and sexual favor for Exchange give a game that doesn't deserve a good score one, shid where do I apply I need a job like this

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TekoIie2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

I think overall its about journalists being too close to developers on a personal level.

What it's pretty much saying is that if your close to a developer and give their game favorable coverage, it's hard to know if you're recommending a good game, or promoting a friend for their own financial benefit regardless of the product's quality.

I guess thats the moral of this controversy however I'm not entirely up to date with all the gossip.

WilliamUsher2484d ago

*Dev slept with journalist
*Journalist writes about dev stuff
*Same dev had a pro-feminist game jam shutdown
*Outlets support burying the game jam
*Crap hits the fan when an ex exposed the dev
*Doxxed game jam tried to come back
*Gaming media has a blackout on the whole thing
*Doxxed game jam can't get coverage because of gaming media ties to the dev
*YouTube videos try to go up to discuss the event
*Dev has YouTube videos DMCA'd
*Reddit goes on lockdown
*One of the biggest stories about it on N4G gets pulled
*All big gaming sites go on lockdown blocking discussion
*Doxxed game jam comes back due to help from 4chan
*Gaming media is finally partially exposed on a heavily moderated Reddit thread
*Polygon and Kotaku issue policy changes
*Major gaming sites continue to enact a blackout on the events

Jeff2572484d ago

Even worse we see more of those involved in this most likely making false statements on Twitter getting more support from big names in the movies and the games industry and it has even hit some non gaming news media. I don't think it is a coincidence that these claims are being made right now.


stalepie2483d ago

Thanks for the summary...

Regarding Neogaf what you said below, why is it so many people are quickly banned from there? I'll see the most innocuous posts, only a few minutes ago, but their name says banned. Looking at old threads is weird because so many people are banned in them.

Jeff2572483d ago

Speaking of big names getting behind this in Twitter. Adam Baldwin has been tweeting about this. He definitely falls on the side of gamers who are against the corruption. He also tweeted out in support of TFYC.

Baccra172483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

@stalepie - people get banned from neogaf quickly because, simply put, the mods are dicks/douches with power. You have mods that are losers and full of nothing but inadequacies in the real world. But being a Mod on neogaf gives them power and it makes them feel good, and it feels good to use this power because if not for the virtual world they'd have none. This power eventually corrupts them. So they ban this person and that for the stupidest and trivial matters or for their own personal beliefs because they can, and because they're sad as people and as human beings.

I hope that helps.

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TheOpenWorlder2484d ago

Not sure what the big deal is. They are unreputable sites that accept bribes, write crap, and no one other than japanese manga lovers read.

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