IGN: Madden NFL 09 Wii Hands-On

Madden and Wii have been a pair since the very beginning of the console's life. Kicking things off quite literally with at the first showing in E3 2006, Wii's top baller broke the mold with intuitive motion control, a gigantic list of features for its opening year, and the promise of some seriously innovative sports action down the line. And for the most part, Madden has delivered. 07 was a pretty innovative overall, while 08 attempted to refine – succeeding in some areas, and ending up a bit lackluster in others – the control and ideas in 07, adding online into the feature set with mixed results.

All along the way though, IGN couldn't help but feel like Madden Wii was still basically a bigger version of the PS2 and GCN games before it. Now with Madden NFL 09, that concept is really starting to fade out, as players will be getting a better, stronger Madden game built specifically for the Wii user.

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Vizion263781d ago

I read the whole preview and I must say this is the first time I am interested in a Madden game.

EA is finally getting creative and good with the Wii controls.

Could this be the definitive version of NFL 09 much like Pro Evo for the Wii was? We'll see.

BrotherNick3781d ago

It is pretty cool, making your own routes on the fly using ir.

gk073781d ago

that is sweet on the fly sick