5 Characters I'm Praying Will Make It Into Smash Bros DLC

8CN: Smash Bros has been a game of wish fulfillment from the very beginning. It’s the fighting game every nerd and geek who’s ever played the “who would win” game for hours on end would make. It’s justifiably one of the brightest stars in the Nintendo galaxy, and one of the few franchises to not hark back to at least Super Nintendo days. I, like everyone else you know, have a wish list of characters that I’d love to see as DLC.

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Sheed2484d ago

>4.)Teenage mutant ninja turtles
I stopped reading right about there

Retroman2484d ago

why is Nintendo combining all their characters ?? cheaper to produce ??
rather have each game individually .

CloudRap2484d ago

-Master Chief
-Nathan Drake
-Bioshock Big Daddy
-Minecraft dude
-Solid Snake my dreams

Monster_Tard2484d ago

Solid Snake doesn't seem like that much of a stretch.

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