Top 5 biggest video-game letdowns

Ken Smith:"We're excited to get our hands on a new game whenever there's the slightest amount of buzz around it. Likewise, we're always chomping at the bit to play the latest sequel to a favorite franchise. But if that game fails to live up to expectations, excitement quickly becomes disappointment."

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Jon Cage3875d ago

I can't express the pain I felt after sliding that pac-man cartridge into my 2600. This was not the pac-man I knew and loved. This game didn't make me want to sell my soul for more quarters. A sad sad day for video gaming everywhere.

Also COD3 made me realize just how badass Infinity Ward was.

Jim Crowslaw3875d ago

Activision made COD3 not IW

wAtdaFck3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

no, he meant that seeing how badly developed COD3 was, he realized how badass the other developer of the series was, or how much better they were compared to the developer of COD3.

And Treyarch developed COD3, Activision published it.

Polluted3875d ago

I think it was Treyarch. Activision just publishes the COD games.

@above: Yeah...what you said.

Seraphim3875d ago

yeah, Treyarch developed CoD3. If I'm not mistaken they're also working on CoD5, or World at War as it's officially titled. Activision just needs to give IW this franchise to run with. I think they proved they have the talent and minds to lead this series... ;) Not only was CoD2 awesome but Modern Warfare took this franchise to an entirely new league...

While utterly average and not as good as the 2nd I enjoyed CoD3 quite a bit. Not enough to drop $60 on it but it was/is still one of the better World War games out there. Then again, CoD-CoD3 are all amongst the better World War games out there...

dribnif3875d ago play Pac Man at home on Atari (that's what we called it - "Do you have Atari?"). I don't think we played for more than 5 minutes before losing interest and going outside instead to play tag.

darando3875d ago

they wont coz then the cod serious would come out on a 2-3 year and they would then im guessing loose money

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MK_Red3875d ago

They should add Mortal Kombat vs DC. A Fatalitiless and T rated MK. Also, where is Devil May Cry 2? That was insanely disappointing, considering the greatness of the original.

InMyOpinion3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Not saying you are wrong about MK vs DC, but maybe you should try it out before you count it out.

Btw, where is Rise of the robots? Maybe that counts as a computer game.

MK_Red3875d ago

T rating has already killed MK vs DC.
Plus lack of Fatality.

An MK that has no Fatality and is rated T for Teen is just not MK. It may end up a good game in the end but it's not MK for me and that's a huge let down by itself.

What is Rise of the Robots?

InMyOpinion3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

It's rated T???

I get your point then =(

Rise of the Robots was first released on the Amiga and PC. It was hyped as being one of the first games to use "3D rendered" characters. Pretty much like Donkey Kong Country. Unlike DKC, RotR turned out to be one of the most crappy games ever, but it still sold pretty well on it's hype only. People wanted to play it just to watch the graphics in action.

MK_Red3875d ago

T rating for a Mortal Kombat game... and No fatality.

Thanks for the info :)
For a secend there I thought that's some sequel to Rise of Nations / Legends.

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PoSTedUP3875d ago

haze was a let down if you thought it was going to be the best fps ever made, other than that i thought it was a awesome game.

and tomorrow never dies! was off the chain! go skiing and shoot people at the same time! i loved that game!

TheWickedOne3875d ago

EA really did screw up with Tomorrow.

ScentlessApprentice73875d ago

I totally expected an extension of Goldeneye with Tomorrow Never Dies, but I remember renting that game when it first came out and I was like "What The F**k is this???" I still had MGS to play though, so I wasn't too pissed off.

nintendojunkie283875d ago

Red steel had so much potential and was a let down to find that it didn't live up to the hype.It's main flaw was the fact that dumb ole' ubisoft rushed the title to make the wii launch.Ubi has made nothin' but drivel since..and they continue to make poorly devoloped games.Sad really I used to look at ubisoft as one of the best third parties but after all that's happened ..what with this ..and insulting wii owners and all...I absolutely despise them.

sticky doja3875d ago

Guess you don't like Rainbow 6 Vegas, Assassin's Creed or my personal favorite GRAW.

darando3875d ago

i (being the 1% of people who bought the game) enjoyed red steel, it showed me what the wii controls could be like and i dont consider my time playing it wasted, but the textures were very poor...

red steel 2 is coming out when ever and the good thing is that they made it and nintendo told them it was crap and to redo it (wish they could do the same for 90% of the other wii games) RS2 looks promising but im thinking it is going to sell coz hype :S

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