Where's My Last Guardian?

Apixelatedview wonders where Team Ico's game is and why it has gone dark.

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sinncross2494d ago

I think its the 3rd reason . They already had delays with DC and The Order, yet we are barely seeing any announcements from their first party studios (even though they are all working on PS4 games).

I think TLG is going to be a Bloodborne situation. It will be announced for PS4, and ready to launch in less than a year. But only if they are sure that can happen.

scark922494d ago

It has to show up at E3, and I have a great feeling it will.

chrissx2494d ago

Atleast its been confirmed to still be in development

Patrick_pk442494d ago

This. Yoshida has been very vocal about TLG. Team ICO wants to create quality, and not a mediocre exclusive. When the product is ready, there will be further announcements and information.

CaEsAr-2494d ago

It's dead along with Agent. Move on.

Patrick_pk442494d ago

Can you die along with it too then?

CaEsAr-2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Oh did I hurt your feelings? It's a fucking video game, don't say such terrible thing just because I said something pretty obvious.

Bubbamilk2494d ago

It's gone forever. And I'll put it this way if it was an amazing game we would hear about it.

The lack of info is just lack of faith in the product. If it was great then Sony would be hyping the hell out of it. Everyday a new article saying the most vague stuff ever like how it's a game changer and how it will be the first next gen experience. Something would be said no matter what.

They hype up Morpheus everyday and who knows when that is coming. And remember TLOU. Everyday with an article. Same with bloodbourne. Same with uncharted 4.

If it was going well this wouldn't be a question. So just let it be and hope that u will see it one day at least. Don't get your heart broken. Instead be super surprised when its announced

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The story is too old to be commented.