MTV visits Kojima's crib..and his brain!

MTV has got a gallery up of Hideo Kojima's apartment where they tour his house and see all the interesting sites. MRI images of Kojima's brain are one of the sights, showing the genius that created Metal Gear. We also see a painting of Snake in his dining room area as well as some Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders action figures by his widescreen. View the gallery at the link.

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Cartesian3D3780d ago

as a gamer I want to thank Kojima for his Perfect work ...
oh dear god , Im so lucky , because Im a Hardcore MGS fan ..

do you remember my comments from 2 weeks ago?
"Game of the year, bet anyone ? "

LastDance3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Yea dude...My girlfriends been like, "how come your treating me so well and this n that" (not that i dont normally treat her well)

I have been waiting for this game since MGS2...and i cannot believe after all the hype...after all my expectations, It still...STILL was better then i could have ever imagined...Unbelievable.

ps. trust MTV to use the word "crib" right..haha

Silogon3780d ago

I wonder where he was hiding his PS3 or, what if he doesn't have one? Wouldn't that be crazy?

Le-mo3780d ago

I want his Zone of the Ender's action figures.

SaiyanFury3780d ago

You'd never be satisfied with anything. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.