inFAMOUS First Light: Quick Neon Flash Review |

"inFamous First Light is officially out today on PlayStation 4 and after what was a relatively quick download of Sucker Punches's latest DLC. We were able to get right into the game and experience first hand what it's like playing as Abigail "Fetch" Walker."

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edwardhuff6632484d ago

Actually preferred this to Second Son. Fetch is super bad ass.

brettjones4942484d ago

So is it worth downloading?

henrythomas2842484d ago

Yep worth the download. Fetch is so fast and her neon power moves are far superior to delsins

colonel1792484d ago

Yeah, download it, and if you played Second Son, then it's a must!

starchild2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Yes, I'd say it is. It looks as amazing as ever and the story of Fetch is pretty neat, and the powers and combat are a lot of fun.

Redrum0592484d ago

Did anyone else get it for free? Got home from work yesterday and it was downloading automatically. Got home today and started playing it. Did not get too far so I'm not sure if what I have is a teaser or the full doc for free. I noticed the file size is 9GB, so I'm not quite sure what it is I have, fun though :)

mochachino2484d ago

@ Redrum

I thought I may have, I found it in my library for some reason, but when I clicked it took me to the PlayStation store and asked for payment...

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GiggMan2484d ago

I'm interested. Just got Second Son and I'm working on my platinum trophy in my spare time.

If it's worth $14.99 I think I'll give it a shot. Does anyone who has it think it's worth $15 bucks?

SoapShoes2484d ago

For $15 you can't go wrong, it's a better value than Second Son even. lol

lisamorgan42484d ago

This is a great way to introduce people to second son a and for 14.99 not bad at all.

danniellelewis2484d ago

Nice review, good to know fetch's ability is different to Delsin's thats one thing i was wandering.

amyortega1312484d ago

Sweet. Downloading it now.

LightDiego2484d ago

I really enjoyed Second Son, for sure i will download First Light.

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