IGN: NFL Head Coach 09 Hands-On

In IGN's first look at NFL Head Coach 09, they detailed what looked to be a promising game, with the incredible depth promised by the 2006 title balanced with the ease-of-use and fresh GUI necessary for the game to succeed. Now that they've actually sat down and had the chance to play through a full season with the game, they're happy to report that the game appears to be delivering on the potential we saw.

Playing Head Coach is a mammoth experience, more akin to playing an RPG than playing a sports game. Therefore, it's not for everyone. There are countless things you need to keep track of, and while the Coach's Clipboard allows you to see any of those things at a moment's notice, this is not a game you'll be enjoy playing while turning your brain off. Head Coach 09 requires immersion in the game in order to enjoy it, which means that football fans will either love the experience or hate it.

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